MoH and MoH Port Configurations

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Feb 13th, 2009
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Hi There,

Might as well try my luck here as someone else may have had a similar experience, or I've overlooked a resource on it.

We have used the default MoH Music from the UC on all our deployments to date.  The primary reason for this is something that we are only now troubleshooting as time has finally allowed us to followup some of the 'non-essential' items.

There are two issues we currently facing across a number of our deployments, our own internal included;

1) MoH Onboard (Flash File Default)

When this is enabled on some of our systems it will sometimes work, other times not.  Other times if you wait on hold for an extended period of time, it will cut in and out at random intervals, whether it be 30 second blocks, or every few minutes.  Sometimes it never plays, other times it plays without issue.

2) MoH Port

We have a similar issue with the MoH port, where by sometimes it will play the MoH port input (We are testing with a PC output into the MoH port) and other times it will revert to the MoH file on the UC.  Othertimes I have been testined (internal and external calls) and it will cut in between the UC Default and the MoH port at irregular intervals.

Surely we are not the only ones that have experienced this? Originally I thought it was a hardware fault, however now thats its been identified across several sites, on varying hardware configurations, I'm wondering if its something in our custom configs that are causing these errors or....?


Andrew Hurl

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Marcos Hernandez Sun, 02/15/2009 - 07:25
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Hi Andrew,

Do you have any TAC cases filed for these issues? Given the broad range of problems that you describe, I believe TAC is the way to go towards finding the root cause here. If you do have some cases, please send them over. I would like to track them.

Please understand I am not just trying to punt the problem, but rather identify the right organization that can fix it. You will see that these forums are better suited for point issues. Of course, there could always be others in your same situation and this could generate a healthy discussion, so please, never refrain from posting this type of questions.



Andrew Hurl Thu, 02/26/2009 - 03:54
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Hi Marcos,

Sorry about the delay in reply.

Since the upgrade to 7.0.1 the issue appears to have been resolved on our internal system.

I'm going to rollout the new bundle to another site encountering issues to see if the problems rectified there aswell.

I have opened a case in the past with TAC, but cannot quickly locate the case number at this stage.  It was many software builds ago, so no doubt there have been changes since.

Will let you know if pain persists, but thanks for your help :)

Andrew Hurl


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