1310 with External Antena Tx Power Unconfigurable

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Feb 15th, 2009

hello experts!!!

we have converted non-integrated 1310 ap's to lwapp.

there was no problem with it joining the wlc's with code 5.2.175.

only when we tried to set the antenna power to 1 (max), we get the error message 'Error in setting TxPower Level Configuration'. The only accpetable power levels are 4 & 5.

We have used the aironet 24120 antenna and we would like to use the max Tx Power. Unfortunately, this error isn't allowing us.

Can share their ideas and/or resolution for this.

I'd really appreciate any replies.

I have this problem too.
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jeff.kish Mon, 02/16/2009 - 10:00

The 1310 is not able to transmit at 100mW. It can only transmit at 30mW max. It sounds like the controller is only allowing you to configure it for the max allowed by the AP itself.

That said, I thought 30mW was power level 3, not power level 4. I could be wrong about that though.

pirateoftheairwaves Tue, 02/17/2009 - 22:54

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for ur reply. really appreciate it. Checked the fat 1310 ap and found the ff:

CCK Transmitter Power (mW) : *1 *5 *10 *20 *Max

OFDM Transmitter Power (mW) : *1 *5 *10 *20 *Max

Limit Client Power (mW) : *1 *5 *10 *20 *Max

you are correct. thanks for ur help.

only.... we had theses ap's converted to lwapp. for the integrated 1310, on the wlc, its power level can be set from 1 - 2 only. if it is set to 1 the power is measured on a client pc having a Cisco Aironet cardbus to be 5mw only. Did we miss some procedures here bec the tx powers 10, 15, 20 are all gone. is the power level of ap hardware or software dependent? bec we have FAT 1230 ap's and the power level didn't change when they was converted to lwapp. so, we thought 1230 ap (or even the 1242) will have the same power capabilities regardless of the running ios.

for the 1310 with 12dBi external antenna, the power level on the wlc can be set to 5 as the maximum which is 20mw. and on the wcs, the power level can be set to 1 (17dBm = 50mw). which one takes precedence over this partic config, the wlc or the wcs?

now, the aironet cardbus is connected to the FAT ap, which is set at max tx power (20mW). but on the ADU Current Power Level is 100mW. to which device does this Current Power Level rating is coming from.... from the ap of the the cardbus. a little dazed and confused... :)

thanks for any reply...

LarsKulseng Mon, 05/31/2010 - 01:12


I am having the same problem with some 1242 LWAPP APs. The thing is that some APs will accept the max setting and some won't. I get the same error message:

"error in setting TxPower Level Configuration"

Any idea why this could be happening?


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