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Feb 15th, 2009
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We will be integrating our UCM 6.1.2 with CUPS 6.x with MOC as the client. On the DN page of the UCM right at the bottom is a button titled 'Associate End Users'. As per the documentation this is required but I still am wondering if this association is really necessary as I will need to update all of our users via BAT csv which will be a lot work provided it can be done via BAT? The users page has an entry under device associations and the primary extension under directory number association has an entry as well so hopefully this will suffice.

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htluo Mon, 02/16/2009 - 06:35
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On CUCM 6.x and above, you need line association for phone presence.

Device association and primary extension on end user page was for phone control only. Those are two different features.

Yes, you may use BAT to do that.

For more tips, see my blog:


VPMaharaj Mon, 02/16/2009 - 14:31
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Thanks Michael and 5 points for you. I am trying to update this via BAT but am having problems. I am interested in knowing which field on the csv file needs to be populated to achieve this line association for phone presence?

htluo Mon, 02/16/2009 - 17:53
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For Line Association,You will need to make a file with the following format:

User ID,Device,Directory Number,Partition

Then, upload it using the BAT file upload tool and select BAT -> Users -> Line Appearance -> Update Line Appearance. Select your file and for CUPC users only. This populates the 'Users Associated with Line' field under the line on the phone.


VPMaharaj Mon, 02/16/2009 - 18:25
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Thanks. I have been trying that for some time but it still does not populate. Will keep on at it, maybe upload the file to another directory.

Tommer Catlin Tue, 02/17/2009 - 07:22
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Michael -

Is there a trick to do this when LDAP is enabled? During installs, I have found, if I turned LDAP first, then BAT imported all phones/lines, then try and associate the users to the lines/devices, etc, it fails. Happens in 6.x and 7.x. BAT throws up an error saying can not associate because LDAP is enabled?

htluo Tue, 02/17/2009 - 07:54
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sounds like a known bug. I have to dig up the bug ID. But the workaround is to disable LDAP integration before BAT. Then re-enable LDAP after BAT.


Tommer Catlin Tue, 02/17/2009 - 07:56
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That makes senses. Thanks for the tip!

Tommer Catlin Thu, 02/19/2009 - 13:31
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so do we have to stop the DirSync or do we have to pull out all LDAP configurations to accomplish this? We keep getting an error on the UserID which tells me it's because of LDAP.

richb1971 Sat, 03/07/2009 - 01:17
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Having same problem here on UCM7. Cannot use BAT to associate End Users (with LDAP on or off!) with their Device. Even when it reports success the End User is not updated.

Any joy yet?


richb1971 Sat, 03/07/2009 - 02:04
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Scratch that. Sorted. Just needed Controlled Device 1 and User ID not any Line Appearance.

Tommer Catlin Sat, 03/07/2009 - 09:44
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I ended up using the Line Appearance update in BAT. Just create a CSV from the example, with LDAP on or off and it worked fine. For whatever reason, when you have it all on page for BAT it does not work...

mikeduffy13 Fri, 12/04/2009 - 15:03
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Whenever I try and update this way I get this error in the job scheduler.  Any idea what is wrong?

dward On row 1: devicenumplanmap does not exist

I tried chaning the device name to not include the SEP before the MAC address, but then I got a different error saying this:

dward On row 1: bad device name

My .csv file text looks like this:

User ID,Device,Directory Number,Partition

vinhnguyen Tue, 06/29/2010 - 22:41
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I have User Device Profile and I need to associate Users with Line.  I have created file with format

User IDDeviceDirectory NumberPartition


When I run it I keep on getting the error

user id Error Code Error Description


ADOUGLAS On row 1: bad device name

Result Summary :

Update for 0 Line Appearance passed.

Update for 1 Line Appearance failed.

End Time : 06/29/2010 15:33:20


Aaron Harrison Wed, 06/30/2010 - 00:10
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Can you open your file with Notepad and paste it up here as it is actually formatted, or just attach the file directly?


Jason Aarons Fri, 04/22/2011 - 17:04
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Did you ever get this working? Having to do similar with CallManager 8x

Dan SJK Wed, 02/15/2017 - 00:23
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just to confirm that this method also works for associating DNs with users for automating the roll-out of users to the Jabber "Extend and Connect" facility - it's possible to use BAT to automate the user updates and creation of the CTI remote devices, but not the line association.

hotbrownsandwich Thu, 05/05/2011 - 08:41
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Hi all, new poster here.  I'm attaching a CSV that I used once before that populated the

fields properly.  Lots of times when I'm trying to figure something out about BAT (when

Cisco documentation is lacking), I'll do a full export and test with different fields until I

find the right one to populate.  The User ID 1 field is what populates this if I'm not mistaken,

and the name in the field has to match exactly with the username in AD, case sensitive.

If the case is off then it won't work.  I hope this is helpful as I spent several hours trying

different ways to make this happen.  We are on CUCM 6.1.4.  Kudos, JL



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