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HOW TO Configure OSPF area 10 on ROUTER-A to only advertise an OSPF default route/intra./inter into Vlan_sales

and how to Configure OSPF area 15 on ROUTER-B to originate intra/default/ routes.

also how to Configure OSPF area 15 on ROUTER-B to do not advertise External routes.

is this works?


area 10 stub


area 15 nssa no-summary



are 10 stub no-summary


area 15 nssa

thanks a lot

I have this problem too.
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JamesLuther Mon, 02/16/2009 - 02:29


The command "area 10 stub no-summary" will make area 5 a totally stubby area and inject a single type 3 default route in to the area.

Making an area nssa will mean that if you originate a default roue in that area it will be advertised as a type 7 within the area and converted to a type 5 when advertised into the backbone.

This is done using "area 15 nssa default-information-originate".

If you want area 15 to not advertise external routes then this is just a stub area? So just configure it as "area 15 stub" Or please explain in more detail.


royalblues Mon, 02/16/2009 - 02:40


I am not sure i quite understand your question

router A

Area 10 stub ...This command configures the router as a part of stub area which will not allow type 5 LSA's (external LSA's) into it. All routers need to configured for stub including the interface on the ABR connecting to this area

Router A

area 10 stub no-summary.. This configures area 10 to be totally stubby area and blocks external type 5 LSAs as well as summary type 3 and type 4 LSAs from entering the area. It is configured only on the ABR. The other routers in the area are configured with just the area 10 stub command.


area 15 nssa

The above configuration is an extension of the existing stub area feature that allows the injection of external routes in a limited fashion into the stub area.




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