WAAS- WCCP config on ISR with NME

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dstolt Wed, 02/18/2009 - 07:15


The 502 and the 512 are definitely different size boxes.

NME-502 can handle up to 500 Optimized TCP connections and has a 120 GB hard drive with 1 GB of RAM.

WAE-512-1GB can handle up to 750 Optimized TCP connections and has a 250 GB hard drive (optional RAID 1) with 1 GB of RAM.

WAE-512-2GB can handle up to 1500 Optimized TCP connections and has a 250 GB hard drive (optional RAID 1) with 2 GB of RAM.

So they should be directed at different size of sites as there is more processing power as well as disk cache space on the WAE-512. The NME-522 can handle roughly the same number of connections as the WAE-512, however it still doesn't have as much disk space for cache.

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dstolt Wed, 02/18/2009 - 07:05


you only need "ip wccp redirect exclude in" if you are doing redirect-out on an interface. It won't hurt to have it in the config if you are doing redirect-in on all the interfaces, however it's not needed.


dstolt Wed, 02/18/2009 - 07:20


In WAAS 4.1, MAPI can be enabled with the Enterprise Licence. The Enterprise Licence includes the following:

"Enables the EPM, HTTP, MAPI, NFS, CIFS (WAFS), and Windows Print application accelerators, the WAAS Central Manager, and basic DRE, TFO, and LZ optimization. Cannot be configured if the Transport license is configured. "

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