Mo'ath Al Rawashdeh Wed, 02/18/2009 - 00:37
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The reliability is the dependability of a network link. Some WAN links tend to go up and down throughout the day. These links get a small reliability rating.

Its a fraction of 255 (255/255 is 100% reliability), calculated as an exponential average over five minutes, and is based on keepalives.


vinothlb1 Wed, 02/18/2009 - 05:26
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Suppose if the reliablity lower, is there any possiblity route different path.

Mo'ath Al Rawashdeh Wed, 02/18/2009 - 05:43
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Routing algorithms have used many different metrics to determine the best route. Sophisticated routing algorithms can base route selection on multiple metrics, combining them in a single (hybrid) metric. Metrics used for routing protocols are:

bandwidth, network delay, hop count, path cost, load, MTU, reliability, and communication cost.

OSPF can calculate cost on the basis of metrics such as link speed and reliability in addition to hop count.

EIGRP can also be configured to take the reliability into account when calculating the metric (only considers bandwidth and delay by default)

However, if you are using static routing, reliability will not have any influence on the routing table on your layer 3 devices.



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