Combining Called DN and called PSTN number

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Let's considera HQ site and and a branch office connected through a WAN. All the phones are registred to the HQ CCM. SRST is configured in the branch MGCP-gateway

HQ have a PRI connection and the branch have an FXO connection (to which is associated a single PSTN number). But only HQ PRI channels are used to accept incoming calls. The Branch Office PSTN numbers are kept classified to the outsider world.

When the WAN goes down, outside people keep calling the HQ DID numbers. Could calls be automatically forwarded to the right IP phone (DN) in the branch site, whithout the need to type the extension of the called person, as we have one analog line with one number. All IP phones will be reached through the same PSTN number. mecanisms like B-ACD allow this but it needs that the calling person type the extension of the destination. How could we do this in a transparent manner?

many thanks.

Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 02/19/2009 - 10:12

Do you mean that when the WAN goes down you will route calls to branch via PSTN?

In this case you cannot carry any number across, because the PSTN will not do that.


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