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Feb 19th, 2009
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Hi All,

I ran into an issue with ccm-manager being unable to apply the config file. The Callmanager version is 5.12 and the gateway's IOS is 12.4.15-T8.

The voice gateway is able to download the config from Callmanager but it failed to apply the config. See Below

Configuration Auto-Download Information


No configurations downloaded

Current state: Waiting for commands

Configuration Download statistics:

Download Attempted : 4

Download Successful : 4

Download Failed : 0

TFTP Download Failed : 0

Configuration Attempted : 1

Configuration Successful : 0

Configuration Failed(Parsing): 0

Configuration Failed(config) : 1

Last config download command:

FAX mode: cisco

Configuration Error History:

voice-port 0/3/0:23

echo-cancel coverage 8


Here is the ccm-manager config at the gateway


ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

ccm-manager redundant-host

ccm-manager mgcp

ccm-manager music-on-hold

ccm-manager config server

ccm-manager config


Even with this error, outboound and inbound calls are fine. So what actually this ccm-manager does? and what is my concerns here? I also attached a ccm-manager debug.

Hope someone can shed some light.

Thanks in advance.


Correct Answer by Nicholas Matthews about 8 years 5 months ago

You may have been hitting this:


Glad you could figure this out.


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markcarat Thu, 02/19/2009 - 10:58
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Hi All,

Looks like it is an IOS issue. I downgraded the IOS from 12.4.15-T8 to 12.4.3g. The configuration download started to work however this IOS doe not support 7965G phone in SRST. I am trying to look for an IOS that support both function.


Nicholas Matthews Thu, 02/19/2009 - 20:06
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Hi Mark,

It's very possible that the configuration that needs to be applied has already been applied from a previous run. Sometimes after changing IOS versions commands can change syntax, and when the ccm-manager tries to update the config with a new command, it sees there is already a command there and will not delete the existing command that it may not understand.

ccm-manager can run into problems where it does not understand the current configuration (and isn't always expected to), and doesn't remove configuration that may allow it to add the requested configuration.

ccm-manager pushes the configuration done in CUCM into IOS commands on the router. In theory, you could configure everything on the router without using the ccm-manager commands, but then you would lose the power of changing IOS commands from the CUCM GUI.

Most of the ccm-manager config download fails are not something to be worried about. A lot of people to introduce higher stability in their network will all ccm-manager to run once or twice to put the request configuration in, and then unconfigure it to prevent any unwanted or unknown changes.


markcarat Fri, 02/20/2009 - 18:05
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Hi Nick,

Thank you for the feedback. I am a little worry because this set up is for our remote office. The problem has been resolved. I changed the echo cancellation from 8ms to 24ms. The configuration was applied successfully.

Thank you again.


markcarat Sat, 02/21/2009 - 07:25
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Hi Nick,

Thanks. I have been searching Cisco for this using the Software Bug Toolkit but came up nothing. I notice it is a challenge to search a known issue at Cisco web site. Anyway, I really appreciated your feedback.

Have a good day.



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