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Feb 19th, 2009
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I'm standing up an MDS 9124DS switch and am wanting to setup some alias's for the zones. Device Manager is running, but I dont really see where to create alia's for zones. the switch is not plugged into the fabric. I attempted to install FM and received the following error:

FM Installer 4.1, encounter problem.

Failed to start PostgreSQL. A security software agent may be blocking PGSQL from installing...

this is being installed on a laptop. i've disabled anti-virus, windows firewall, and the "software" IDS that the company requires on the laptops, and yet i still get the error...

any additional thoughts on what agent it may be?


p.s. the install gets to the point that it stops at the postgres-win\upgrade.bat and then fails with that error.

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Bruce Summers Thu, 02/19/2009 - 11:45
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new discovery. in the install log, it refers to the log4j not being initialzed.

"WARN: no appenders could be found for logger com.ciso.blah blah"

"WARN: please initialize the log4j system properly"

afoignant Sun, 02/22/2009 - 06:40
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I have the same issues. Possibles causes are :

1) The password that you use for the postgresql database doesn't match with your password complexity doesn't fulfill the windows security policies of the computer.

2) You try to install FM on a remote computer by RDP. The postgresql database cannot be installed easily if you try to do this remotly. The initialisation of the database cluster will fail. So you should install first the database standalone and the initialize it manually.

Bruce Summers Sun, 02/22/2009 - 06:43
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thanks for the reply.

Have tried lengthy alphanumeric combinations on the laptop for the pgsql database account, that didnt seem to be the issue.

installing locally, not via RDP...

I'm trying to install it on a laptop (winXP), with admin permissions not connected to a network and not a domain member...


Syed Shahzad Ali Thu, 05/27/2010 - 12:13
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Windows7 32bit:

Installation failed with the same error:


Windows7 Firewall -> OFF

Goto Services (Run -> services.msc)

"Secondary Logon" service -> Start

Installed jre-1_5_0_11-windows-i586-p.exe

Installed postgresql-8.2.msi then manually

The ran the command

C:\Users\syali>java.exe -Xmx512m -jar "C:/Users/syali/Desktop/Cisco MDS 9000/Fab
ric Manager/4.x.x/software/m9000-fm-4.1.1b.jar"

Didn't see the error. Worked!

gsaxer000 Tue, 08/23/2011 - 12:08
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The problem I had was that the PostgresSQL install tried to create a user, postgres, and then attempts to assign it a non_complex password (andiamo_4_5_6) with no uppercase characters.

You can run the install and then let it fail.

verify this folder is deleted:

c:\program files\postgresql\8.2\data

verify that these files are not in your path, if so, rename them .old



Modify the install.bat batch file in:

c:\documents and settings\\.cisco_mds9000\postgres-win

change the servicepassword to meet your password complexity requirements, ie, Password1234!

add double quotes around the installdir variable

run the install.bat from the command prompt

when prompted for the dcmdb password type: andiamo_4_5_6

run upgrade.bat from the command prompt (same folder)

Re-run the Cisco Fabric Manager for Windows install

select use existing postgres

admin: andiamo

password: andiamo_4_5_6

This worked for me.  What a pain though huh?

Yury Magalif Thu, 07/19/2012 - 09:01
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Thanks for an excellent solution!

It worked for me with the following modifications:

1. Cisco Fabric Manager 5.0(7)

2. Did NOT need verify or rename



In fact, renaming them will prevent Postgre from installing.

3. The quotes have to be around basedir variable's path:

BASEDIR="C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.2"

4. Choose Custom install in Fabric Manager installer.

5. NOT necessary to restart after running Upgrade.bat -- it works fine as is.

6. Fabric Manager Installer does NOT place shortcuts on desktop or in Start Menu. Create your own shortcuts from:

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\dcm\fm\bin\FabricManagerSA.bat

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\dcm\fm\bin\DeviceManager.bat


Yury Magalif


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