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Feb 21st, 2009

when i give physical loop from my side to ISP provider is not getting any error. But when i give loop from my modem they r getting errors..I have replaced v.35 cables. I have changed the interface where v.35 cable connected. even i changed the modem . what could be the reason why CRC errors keep on getting increased..

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aghaznavi Thu, 02/26/2009 - 18:44

The possible causes are many- line trouble, equipment issues, etc.

CRC errors usually occur when the data being received is not the data that was originally sent. This is determined in the following manner. The originating site computes a checksum for the sent data, the receiving site computes a checksum for the received data and sends the checksum back to the originating site. Both sites then compare the checksums to see if they match. If a mismatch is detected, then the modems generate Bad CRC errors to the controlling software.

1. Confirm that the modem initialization string is valid for the modem being used.

2. Disable or Enable error correction on both sides of the connection. This will have to be done for all remotes.

3. Try a lower speed as shown on page6; the modem will not connect at a speed that is above the Maximum speed setting.

4. Confirm that Hardware flow control is enabled for the modem.

5. Check for the standard communications driver in Windows.

6. Perform synchronization in two sessions, one to upload data, the second to download data.


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