Call Forwarding on CM and Unity VM

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Feb 22nd, 2009

someone calls cell 510-555-5555 which is set to forward to Callmanager 4.2.3sr1 Office 510-111-1111 which hits Unity 5.0 VM.

We setup alternative extension expecting that the cell forwarding would hit x1111 personal greeting but instead hits main greeting. So Unity CallViewer shows:

"Call #", "Time", "Origin", "Reason", "Trunk ID","Port ID","Dialed Number","Calling Number","Forwarding Station"

"1", "17:44:29", "Internal", "Direct", "0", "1", "510-555-5555", "91-510-222-2222", " "

The call is being sent to Unity as a Internal Direct call, so is hitting the first Direct routing rule to Attempt Sign in and I do not want to add a Direct routing rule to fix this on Unity side so is there a way to have Call Manager send the call as a reason, Forward of some sort, so the Forwarding call rules are used instead. On my MGCP GW, I have the following 3 checked on so not sure what else to look at

Display IE Delivery

Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound

Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Inbound

I have this problem too.
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irisrios Mon, 03/02/2009 - 15:34

When you call from outside to an IP phone inside, this phone could have CallForwardNoAnswer to VoiceMail normally. Then the call goes to Unity and looks that the redirecting number is the subscriber phone so it is going to play the greeting for the subscriber. It is CallManager who introduces in the call to Unity the IP phone number as the redirecting number.

The "Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Inbound" is for the case that a redirecting number comes from PSTN. We should not check this if we want that the redirecting number that reaches Unity will be the one from the IP phone.


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