Zone Based FW on 800's.

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Feb 23rd, 2009
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This has become very confusing for me....

881 - supports Zone FW's with Advanced IP Feature set

871 - Same

861 - ??

851 - Does not support Zone FW - but allows me to enter the commands.

For the 881 the image name is "universal" and you are required to install the AIS licenese. But for the 871 the image names are similar to others - i.e. advIPservices or AdvSecurity...

I didn't figure any of this our until I bought a pair of 851's and then found out I could not do Zone FW's.

To top all of this off the Software Advisor indicated that I could not do Zone FW's with an 881 - which I know is untrue as I am doing it right now.....

Once I can find the Cisco documentation explaining all of this I will be OK, but finding it is the part I am having trouble with.

Can anyone point me to a resource that explains this new and complex licensing model?


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