TFTP CNF and CNF.XML file re-creation corrupt for specific device pool

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Hello All,

CROS rebooted a subscriber today and a bunch of phones got stuck on requesting template. After some time we decided to go into the TFTP dir on the Publisher and delete teh .cnf and .cnf.xml files for the phone(s). When they reset, they seem to start working again. The issues I have are:

1) Now there are no .cnf or .cnf.xml files in the tftp directory for this phone.

2) When I change the device pool to lets say IT device pool, it recreates the files and the phone works fine.

If I delete the files and put them back into their respective device pool, lets say CH, it creates the files again, but their phone goes back to requesting template.

This happens ever time I try to flip them back to teh CH device pool.

They will work fine if I leave them in the CH device pool, delete the files in teh TFTP directory and reset phone. The files are no longer there, but the phone works ( I do get an erro the the cfg.xml file no longer exists and they can not get to the corporate directory, but the phone works.) Very confused....



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