ccie R&S or CCIE security

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Feb 23rd, 2009

hi all

if we compare ccie r&s and security lab exam which one is harder to clear?

is it R&S or security.


I have this problem too.
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tperrier Tue, 02/24/2009 - 00:23

Which is harder, winning a car race or a motorcycle race?

There's no answer to questions like these (yours and mine), except the obvious one: the easiest is the one for which you're best prepared.

andrew.fedyszak... Tue, 02/24/2009 - 04:25


I am not there yet :-)

I read though on newsgroups and blogs covering CCIE level certification that Voice and Security are the most difficult then R&S and then ISP (there was no Design when I read these comments).

In practice though it would be easier to take exam in something you work on. I work in Security, so there is no point taking exam in ISP if I do not do in depth work on BGP and MPLS even if the comments I read were correct. You would be learning, in your own time, stuff you do not use directly as the main part of your working life...

newatcisco Tue, 02/24/2009 - 05:18

This is my take on this.

Having CCIE-V or CCIE-Security is similar to a Surgeon while having CCIE R&S is similar to a general doctor.

Most CCIE security, or at least the one that I have been working with, are also excellent in R&S.

As a CCIE R&S, your job is to move packets from point A to point B. As a CCIE-security, your job is to move packets from point A to point B safely. In other words, you need to be really good with R&S in addition to being an expert in Cisco security. You overlay the security piece on top of R&S. You can put a CCIE security into a R&S position and he will be fine; however, if you put a CCIE R&S person into a security position, he will definitely struggle.

I can not comment on CCIE-Voice because I've never worked with voice.

There are always exception to this rule but that is my observation

Mohamed Sobair Tue, 02/24/2009 - 06:41

Hi peter & all,

Each track has its own characterstics, so its difficult to compare.

From my point, each relies and focuses on specific criteria oto be met, The Routing & Switching is not only moving packet from A to B, Similar the Cicurity is not Only moving packet from A to B safely...

The routing & Switching Track covered lots lots of Topics, including Routing , Routing Protocols, Switching, QoS , IOS Firwall, IOS Sevices, QoS, Multicast, Basic MPLS frame-mode and IOS Security.

The CCIE Security covers , BASIC routing but focuses more in Security Tecknology including (ASA + Pix, IPS, ACS, different IPsec tunnel modes, Routing and switching security and advance IOS Security), each of thoses is needed to bulid a secure Infrastructure .

Its true that you might find some people are R/S experts and Security Experts but it doesnt mean that he has to be routing and switching Expert.

Lots of the Security people are basically dealing with Security NOT else. The reason that R/S becomes widely the most persued IT certificat cause it considered the underline track, in Othe words , Most of the IT people when started thier carrier started with Networking (R/S) and then shifted thier carrier to a (service providing) , (Security) , (Voice) , Or the recently announced Designing track.

Having said that, I personally see that there is lots of demand on Security , Service provider and Voice tracks each with its own Area of technology and concept.




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