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Feb 24th, 2009
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I have questions about the unity setup that we have.

We have 3 mail storages (E01, E02, and E03 ) and 1 passive storage in a cluster.

One group of users (ABC Domain) is currently in E02 (Registered with Unity). We are now at the point where we have to put/migrate some users to other mail storage since E02 capacity is almost full.

I did some testing, see below:

1. If the user is in ABC domain and his mail storage is in E02

• No issue

2. If the user is in ABC domain and his mail storage is in other than E02 (E03)

• I can add it to the unity but the mailbox is not functioning

• When I call the ext, I get the correct mailbox but it is not delivered to the email inbox and there is no new message indicator on the phone.

• When I can *+ext (ex: *8997), I can leave VM message and got the email notification in the email inbox BUT there is no new message indicator on the phone

• Message server is offline

3. If the user is in other domains and his mail storage is in E02

• I cannot add the user to Unity - access denied

4. If the user is in other domains and his mail storage is in other than E02

• I cannot add the user to Unity - access denied

How can I add more mail storage to be registered with Unity or probably registering Unity with the Root instead one of the mail storage.

Is there any documentation related to this change?

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Bradford Magnani Tue, 02/24/2009 - 16:05
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Sounds like a permissions problem to me. If you haven't run the Permissions Wizard on the new mail stores before moving users over, they won't work properly. Secondly, it may take some time for the sync to complete between domain controllers, and from the domain controllers to Unity to reflect the new mailbox location. For starters, re-run the PW(logged in as a domain admin) on the new mail stores where users will exist, and then give it some time to settle once the mailbox is moved.

Hope that helps,


sienz.sienz Tue, 02/24/2009 - 16:30
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So we can not just add more mail storage, like adding E01 and E02 to be registered with Unity

Bradford Magnani Tue, 02/24/2009 - 20:45
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Not sure what you mean... you can add more Exchange mail stores, just make sure you run the PW on them.

Tray Stoutmeyer Wed, 02/25/2009 - 07:45
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Let me try to clarify what Brad is telling you by giving you a step by step process to follow. It is fine to add whatever storage you want and whatever mailstores you want and move whomever you want to those stores. Unity however will not work on those mailboxes until you do the following.

Run the Permissions Wizard on Unity. In the step that has a button that says Choose Mailstores, you have to put checkboxes on the new mailstores to give Unity the ability to access them and process them for messaging and MWI functions. Please run the permissions wizard after you have added the new storage and stores and choose those stores to enable Unity permissions on them or they will not function properly.

Let me know if that clears it up for you.



sienz.sienz Wed, 03/04/2009 - 10:18
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Thank you for the inputs.

When we run the permission wizard,

Do we need to run it in both Unity servers or only to the active server?

Will the system be down or is it effecting any services? (Should i do it after hours)

Also, is there any instruction on how to run Permission Wizard for adding mail storage in Cisco Unity 5.0 with exchange?

UPDATE: so I am at Unity Tools Depot->Message Store manager.

It seems that the "ACCESS" status in the new store has been granted. But the Permission Wizard has not been run yet. Is it normal?

Thanks again

Tray Stoutmeyer Wed, 03/04/2009 - 11:34
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You only need to run it from one of the servers. You can run it from the active one without it impacting service.


Ginger Dillon Wed, 03/04/2009 - 11:42
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Hi -

The user in his post also mentioned different domains - in the permission wizard, make sure you are including all domains in the domain section of the permission wizard. I also recommend using the root level to ensure all OUs are included, not just Users OU, for example, use xyz.com instead of xyz.com/users, otherwise Unity may not work when you move a user from the Users OU to a different one, very common in AD deployments. Also should mention, as long as the Unity service accounts are the same for all Unity servers, you only need to run the Permissions wizard for those accounts (plus don't forget delegation of control wizard for the Exchange servers).




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