Use of "call fallback act" to control participating dialpeers

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I have a VGW (CUBE) that uses SIP/H323 dial-peers for SIP PSTN calls to/from CallManager (H323). I also am using H323 dialpeers pointing towards backup POTS ports in case the SIP/MPLS connect goes down, and SRST kicks in.

So someone clued me into the "call fallback act" global command with the "monitor probe imcp-ping" dialpeer command. so with the dialpeer's probe responses are received, the dialpeer is active (SIP dialpeers use this and probe the carrier SIP switch). When I show dialpeer, it shows probe received and dialpeer active; however, calls are not processed. If I take the "call fallback active" command off, calls work via SIP dialpeers. One thing I noticed during a debug ccapi while fallback was active was intermittent messages indicating 100% loss (of probe):

Feb 24 02:53:06.581: //-1/B1E7F783A648/CCAPI/g113_calculate_impairment:

(delay=2147483647(ms), loss=100%), Io=0 Iq=0 Idte=0 Idd=70 Ie=23 Itot=93

Feb 24 02:53:25.662: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/ccAppShutdownMode:

ccAppShutdownMode: remove it from the queueack act

Feb 24 02:53:36.582: //-1/B1E7F783A648/CCAPI/g113_calculate_impairment:

(delay=2147483647(ms), loss=100%), Io=0 Iq=0 Idte=0 Idd=70 Ie=23 Itot=93 ?


router#sho call fallback stats

VoIP Fallback Statistics:

Fallback Mode : Active

Total accepted calls: 0

Total rejected calls: 135

Total cache overflows: 0

Any ideas? Am I using this command in the wrong context?


I have this problem too.
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Nicholas Matthews Tue, 02/24/2009 - 19:17

Do you have 'call fallback active' on the voice service voip level or on the dial peer level? If using the former, remove it and try the latter.



I first tried to enter it under the dial-peer (that had the monitor probe configured) for when the WAN was up, and it did not appear as a command option. So I ended up putting it at the "global" setting. I did NOT try under voice service voip. Perhaps I'll try those two (again) tonight.

Thanks- I'll let you know.


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