ACE Layer 7 Load Balancing.

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Feb 25th, 2009
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I am trying to configure ACE to load balance base on the user URL. If it matches the specific URL, the traffic will be sent to server farm 1 else the traffic will be sent to server farm 2. Below is my configuration. Please let me know if this will work.


Server Farm Config:

serverfarm host SF_L7_SFAAdmin

description L7 load balancing for SFA Admin

predictor leastconns slowstart 5400

rserver RS_VC_PROD_2


serverfarm host SF_SFA

description load balancing

predictor leastconns slowstart 5400

rserver RS_VC_PROD_1


Sticky Config:


sticky http-cookie ACE-cookie SFAADMIN_COOKIE

cookie insert

timeout 480

serverfarm SF_L7_SFAAdmin


sticky ip-netmask address source SFA_IP_STICKY

timeout 480

serverfarm SF_SFA

L7 Load Balance

class-map type http loadbalance match-any CM_L7_SFAADMIN

description SFA Admin L7 Load Balancing

match http url http://SAFWeb/SFAAdmin/*

Policy Config.

policy-map type loadbalance first-match PM_LB_SFA_APP

description Load Balance Policy for SFA_WEB


sticky-serverfarm SFAADMIN_COOKIE

class class-default

sticky-serverfarm SFA_IP_STICKY

policy-map multi-match PM_MULT_SFA_APP


loadbalance vip inservice

loadbalance policy PM_LB_SFA_APP

loadbalance vip icmp-reply active

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litrenta Thu, 02/26/2009 - 06:58
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  • Cisco Employee,

Your config concept is correct, howvever your url match is wrong, don't include the host portion in the url the match statement would be:

match http url SFAAdmin/*

this implies that you will have a / and at leat one character after / following


if there might be nothing after SFAAdmin you want to do:

match http url SFAAdmin.*

if you want to loadbalance on host portion you would use a match on the host header not url.


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