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Feb 25th, 2009

Is there an easy way to renumber the extention/DN's within call manager 6.1 from 4 digits to 5?

I have this problem too.
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Jaime Valencia Wed, 02/25/2009 - 13:01

not really, it involves you using the export all details from BAT. change the DN, delete the phones and reimport



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lyle.stevens Wed, 02/25/2009 - 13:10

I would like a different answer but thats what I thought would have to be done in order to make those changes. Thank you.

iptuser55 Thu, 02/26/2009 - 03:20

You could use Translations OR if you renumber them do it via the Call Routing >Directory number not via the Device>phone. If you do this via the Device then CUCM thinks its another number and does not keep the DN set up. We had to change all our DN`s as well recently to change to a flat Partition set up- also don`t forget any Voice Mail set up . You could use the VM Pofile to add the extra digit so you do not need to change the VM DN`s but the user may get confused if their handset is 5 digits but the VM DN is stil set to 4

oholynskyj Mon, 03/02/2009 - 07:53

Can you expand on how you did it via Call Routing -> Directory Number ? Did you do it one by one or use a BAT tool ?



oholynskyj Mon, 03/02/2009 - 07:50


I need to renumber from 3 to 4 digits. Which of the export functions in BAT are best to use ?


Jaime Valencia Mon, 03/02/2009 - 07:52

already mentioned it:

"it involves you using the export all details from BAT"



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oholynskyj Mon, 03/02/2009 - 07:55

Yes, thanksbut I meant whic export, Phone details only or phone details as part of the UDP export.eh

Jaime Valencia Mon, 03/02/2009 - 08:02

ok, sorry, where is the phone you're trying to renumber?

in the phone?

in a UDP?


oholynskyj Mon, 03/02/2009 - 08:10

Reason I ask is because in Cisco's documentation on updatng DN's, they always seem to refer to expotng UDP's in order to do that, not on exporting pone details, so I was asking if there was another way.

Jaime Valencia Mon, 03/02/2009 - 08:23

BAT is used for bulk changes, that means ALL is going to have the same, MRGL, MOH, etc. thing like that

DNs by it's nature are mainly unique, so update is really not the option and does not show up exactly because of that

the option is to export all the info from the phone, delete it from cucm, update the all details file with the new number and reimport all details, that way the only change is going to be the DN, everything else remains the same

if the DN is in a UDP then export all details and do the same, renumber, delete, reimport

update lines for phone or UDP do not have the DN as a field to change



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Yorick Petey Tue, 06/30/2009 - 09:01


Be careful before deleting all phones. I have experiences with All Details export during several migrations. It appears that the BAT is so buggy that sometimes it is not possible to import a just exported csv.

I mean, I tried to export All phone model - All details to a file. I took this file, took only the header and one line, without any modification.

I was unable to import it back to the BAT: Error syntax error.

So, please be careful and test many random imports before doing a one shot.

From my experience, BAT is incomplete and full of bugs, even in 6.1.3...

Cisco, please recode it from scratch!



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