Picking up a ringing extension from any phone

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Feb 26th, 2009
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Hello All,

I had a question asked of me at customer demo for which I did not have the answer to. So I'm posting that question here to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

With the customer's current system (Phonality system that is NOT setup as a key system), they are able to to pick up anybody's ringing extention from any phone in the office by pressing #8. They asked if the UC has any similar type of functionality.

In other words, if an outside call comes in to the UC, destined for extension 101, but a user sitting in front of extension 107 hears that phone ring and would like to answer that call, can it be done without doing overlay DN's or setting up some sort of hunt group?

That way anyone at any given time can cover anyone's extension if they feel the need to.

Thanks for the help.



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jaydien1358 Thu, 02/26/2009 - 11:38
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Thanks for the link.

Yes this should definately answer this customer's question. Just a few questions that I have though regarding Pickup:

  1. Group pickup: does that refer to picking up a ringing extension that is part of a hunt group?
  2. The article states that : "local phone user can pick up a ringing call on another phone by pressing the PickUp soft key and dialing the extension". What happens if they choose to purchase basic phones that don't have softkeys? Or am I wrong in assuming that some cisco phones don't have softkeys?
  3. Lastly, what is the difference between a local group and a group when reffering to Pickup?



Marcos Hernandez Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:30
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Here are the answers

1) No. This means extension that belong to a specific pickup group.

2) For analog phones, for example, you can still use some star codes.

3) From the documentation:

"Normally a phone user can pickup calls only from their local group by pressing the GPickUp soft key and *. To pickup calls in another group, the user must press the GPickUp soft key and dial the pickup group number.

There is a feature that allows a phone user to pickup any ringing call within the local Cisco Unified CME system by pressing the GPickUp soft key and asterisk (*), if the ringing extension is configured with a pickup group."



jaydien1358 Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:33
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It is clear now.



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