Oracle JDBC and performance

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Feb 26th, 2009
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Was wondering if anyone had dealings with Oracle's JDBC. Here is the problem we have 2 links that go from Chicago to Burlington and Chicago to Hopkins. The link that goes to Burlington has no issues but the connectiong that to Hopkins is the troubled one. First of all although they terminate in Chicago they terminate on different servers. Now the servers here are the same as far as hardware, memory and cpu goes. The same can be said for the ones in Burlington and Hopkins. The problem is that if we do a transfer of a file to Burlington that gets completed about 80mins now if we send the same file out to Hopkins, the same file takes 6 hrs to complete. Now we went hop by hop to check the network to see if we see any issues and found that the burlington connection was set to 100 meg burst 10 m while the Hopkins was set to 20 meg burst 10 meg. So we thought ok there is the problem so we made both circuits the same so now they are identical to each other, 100mwith a burst of 10m. We do the file transfer again but the results are the same Hopkins still takes 6hrs. At this point I'm saying its not the network but it is something with the servers. But I figured I will post this here to see if anyone else can offer another suggestions that I may have missed. Thank you in advance!! By the way the connection is from a AS400 iseries to a unix machine

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wgranada1 Fri, 02/27/2009 - 06:47
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So if this is the case then that is why I don't see any network issues like packet loss or drops on the routers/firewalls...ok sounds good thank you for this will read what you have posted and alert the server guys of this.

Thank you for your help...will let you know what happens....Thank you!!!!!


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