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Feb 27th, 2009

Hi, i have about 30 L2 switches in my LAN, every time Support team ask me to find where a particular PC is connected on LAN, switch ip and port connected to.

Is there a software in which i add my all switches ip address, and my support team just enter the ip address of machine they are finding, and it give output with switch ip and port number where that particular PC is connected/?

Thank you in advance.

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Tshi M Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:14


Or you can track the devices using sh ip arp x.x.x. and sh mac-add | i xxxx.xxxx.xxxx


ahmad82pkn Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:18

unfortunately i dont have cisco works.

can you recommend me some freeware? and easy software? like this would be used by my support team and they dont know any thing about cisco stuff.

and i dont want to use those commands, it takes alot of pain finding PC after every hour or so.

Tshi M Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:30

You could try Nagios. I think it might do what you are looking for.

Tshi M Fri, 02/27/2009 - 09:19

Here is an example of looking:

CS1#sh ip arp

Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface

Internet 1 0006.5b1a.56a5 ARPA Vlan4

CS1#sh mac-add | i 0006.5b1a.56a5

4 0006.5b1a.56a5 DYNAMIC Po1

The output above shows me that the mac add comes from an uplink switch. I then go to the other switch

CS2#sh mac-add | i 0006.5b1a.56a5

4 0006.5b1a.56a5 DYNAMIC Fa0/17

The server is on port fa0/17.


hobbe Fri, 02/27/2009 - 17:21

what type of switches ?

if you have 3750 switches and use cdp between them, you can use the traceroute feature on the ip and mac address in the switch cli.

that will immediatly give you the switch and port the computer is installed in.

mbroberson1 Sun, 03/01/2009 - 06:07

Hi Ahmad,

If you are using Cisco Works you can use the "user tracking feature", very useful. Another option is Solarwinds switchport mapper, both of course cost $. The most likely solution in this case for your support team would probably be to use Cisco Works and assign your support team a login account.




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