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Mar 3rd, 2009
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Hello friends am new to iptelephony ...plz do help me

1, In callmanager 4.1 where to find which port no a ip phone s assigned. eg i have 5 phones working well and later one of them in callmangaer where can i get to see which port assigned to that ip phone has failed.

2, Iam having a wrking envirnment with a callmanager server ,unity etc with 300 ip phones.One of my ip phone gets disconnect(failed) what could be the possible reasons for that and how can we troubleshoot it.There is no physical problems.

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Kenneth Mohammed Tue, 03/03/2009 - 07:38
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1.Call Manager will not tell you which switch port any given phone is plugged into. You will need to go into the switch, and issue the command "show mac-address-table address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx (phone mac-address)", and it will tell you which port the phone is plugged in to.

2. We need more details. Are these on-net calls or offnet calls that are disconnecting, or both? Please provide more detail regarding that issue.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.

thomasmphil123 Tue, 03/03/2009 - 08:28
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Hai kenneth itz not on-net or offnet-calls,the phones registration s lost.I just want to know the possible reasons,how this happend.

Am Working environment with a callmanager server ,unity and 300phones.1 or more phone looses its registration.There s no physical issues. What could be the varous causes for this action is my question.I hope u are clear now.

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 03/03/2009 - 08:29
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do you have enough licenses?

wait, you said 4.1 so you wouldnt have that problem like in 6.1

nevermind me

thomasmphil123 Tue, 03/03/2009 - 09:13
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Also kenneth if itz a off net or on net call problem what could be the reasons.

Kenneth Mohammed Tue, 03/03/2009 - 09:38
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If it is with off net calls, then the issue could be with your PSTN connection (FXO, PRI, etc). If it is with on-net calls, the issue could be QoS.

However, I dont think that it is any of the above, as you stated the issue is just with one phone losing registration. The issue sounds like it could be a physical problem. Check your cabling all the way from the switch, through the patch panels, all the way to the phone. There could be a cabling issue. Also may be an issue with the switch port into which the phone is plugged.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.

Hythim Ali El Hadad Tue, 03/03/2009 - 12:39
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Hi Philip,

As you told that ur phones become unregistered suddenly and no physical issue, so please check for the following:

1. From the phone it self, setting,network configuration,and check if it take its IP address from your dhcp or not.

2. If yes,check if it have the IP address of the tftp or not.

3. If yes,check in the call manager list also in the phone,which ccm it is registered to,pub or sub [if it is as needed] which one is active [u mustn't find it registered as you see]

4. depending on the issue u'll find, u will be able then to determine where ur phone is stopping at,

5. Besdie your ccm, you can check with sh cdp ne to check if you can see your IP phone,then sh arp to check if exist in the arp table,also depending on the above results ,confirm the switch port configuration.

If the above not help, we can collect traces and event viewer to check then

Awaiting for your feedback

wish these steps be helpful


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