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We recently upgraded our MARS-50 device running v4.3.6 to v6.0.1, and have encountered a problem with respect to scheduled reports.

I followed the migration guide and successfully imported the config and events, however we have 80 reports that are scheduled to run on a weekly basis that did not do so following the upgrade, so I decided to run them on all on demand to see if they would actually produce the expected result, and now they are all stuck with an "In Progress" status ranging from 0% - 8% (for over a week now).

a) How does one cancel all of the pending reports?

b) What can be done to ensure they all fire off properly, as they did in v4.3.6?

I'm concerned that, perhaps, the appliance is suffering from a memory leak.

Memory Information:

MemTotal: 2074880 kB MemFree: 8016 kB

CPU usage is generally below 30%.

Would upgrading to v6.0.2 provide any value to this specific issue?

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