cucm subscriber installation problem

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Mar 4th, 2009
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Hi all

I'm installing a new subsciber on a existing cucm cluster. I have added the new subsciber (system->server and then IP address og new sub) in the publisher administration webpage.

The new sub is being installed on a different subnet then the pub. There isn't a firewall between the new sub and pub. Less then 20 msek delay and 100 mbit between servers.

In the installation process I enable the DNS client and enters IP addresses of the DNS servers. I checked with the nslookup command and all servers can be resolved, hostname to IP.. But I get a DNS error?

Second issue - When the database is being installed there is no activity on the diskdrives and after 50 min. I get a "critical error" and the installation process stops. I tried this twice..

I had to reboot the existing cucm servers to update their rhost file.

But using the CLI command "utils firewall list" I can see that no "accept rules" has been added to accept packets from the new sub. Can this be the problem why the database installation fails?

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Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 03/10/2009 - 17:37
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DNS error when trying to install a new subscriber server looks like it is a problem with the "hosts" and "lmhosts" files.

Try the following:

- Go to this path:


There you will find these files: "hosts" and "lmhosts".

- Open the "hosts" with notepad. There you will put the IP and the name of the servers (Publisher and Subscriber), something like this:

IP_Address1 Hostname1 ==> Publisher

IP_Address2 Hostname2 ==> Subscriber

Once you have finished save the changes.

- Now open "lmhosts" with Notepad. Once again you will need to write the IP and the name of the servers (PUB and SUB). You will have something like this:

IP_Address1 Hostname1

IP_Address2 Hostname2

Save the changes.

These changes on the files "hosts" and "lmhosts" must be done on the Publisher and in the Subscriber. On both files you must have the IP's and names of both servers.

Now you will need to reboot the Subscriber and try the installation again.


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