Mixing Vlan-based QoS with auto qos on Cat 3750

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Mar 6th, 2009


I'm currently running "auto qos voip cisco-phone" on access ports to trust markings from Cisco phones. I also want do some marking on the data Vlan for those ports, and was wondering if I can do VLAN-based QoS for the data traffic, while running "auto qos voip cisco-phone" to honor markings for voice traffic? Can I run these at the same time? Here's an example of what I want to do:

class-map match-any MISSION-CRITICAL

match access-group name ACL1

class-map match-any NETWORK-CTL

match access-group name ACL2

policy-map MARK-EDGE-POLICY1


set dscp cs2


set dscp af21

interface FastEthernet1/0/1

switchport access vlan 22

switchport voice vlan 122

srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20

srr-queue bandwidth shape 10 0 0 0

mls qos trust device cisco-phone

mls qos vlan-based

mls qos trust cos

auto qos voip cisco-phone

spanning-tree portfast





interface Vlan22

ip address

ip helper-address

service-policy input MARK-EDGE-POLICY1


interface Vlan122

ip address

ip helper-address


Would this be an acceptable marking method for both the voice and data traffic?

Thanks in advance for any input.

I have this problem too.
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JamesLuther Fri, 03/06/2009 - 12:27


The configuration you have on fa1/0/1 is all related to COS which is in the layer 2 header (makes sense as this is a layer 2 switchport).

The service-policy applied to the Vlan interface is setting the DSCP/QoS values in the Layer 3 header.

On your switch you should also have some configuration relating to cos to dscp mappings and vice versa, however I'm not exactly sure what happens in your scenario. Maybe there is a QoS guru online who will know??


s-daly Fri, 03/06/2009 - 12:44

Sorry, I probably should've specified this, but I'm doing the cos-to-dscp mappings that auto-qos automatically sets up, so assume that DSCP marking for voice would be mapped appropriately.


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