DMA 7.0(2) warning SQL error executing "update DeviceNumPlanMap"

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Mar 6th, 2009
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I have about 20 of these warnings, overall we have about 1500 phones/users on 4.1(3)SR6. Will it mean they won't export/import to CallManager 7.0(2)?

Row: 5738 SQL error: -746(35317)

Error executing "update DeviceNumPlanMap set fkDevice='39fca740-6ee4-4e16-9821-607410de3b90' where pkid='f70a5efb-347d-4699-84e8-fe060ce0ceb1'": [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Unspecified System Error = -746. sqlerrm(35317)

pkid f70a5efb-347d-4699-84e8-fe060ce0ceb1 NOT MODIFIABLE

fkDevice 39fca740-6ee4-4e16-9821-607410de3b90

NumPlanIndex 1


fkNumPlan fb8d6d98-f8dd-4b85-9ac7-c8a7c7f4ab07

Display Efrain Soto (Ex-Marco Barcenas (Wireless))

tkRingSetting 0




tkMWLPolicy 0

tkRingSetting_Consecutive 0

MaxNumCalls 3

BusyTrigger 2

CallInfoDisplayMask 9


DisplayASCII Efrain Soto (Ex-Marco Barcenas

tkRingSetting_ActivePickupAlert 0

tkRingSetting_IdlePickupAlert 0

tkPartitionUsage 99 NOT MODIFIABLE




tkStatus_AudibleMWI 2



* End of warnings found during CallManager database validation.

* CallManager database validation.


* Date/Time : 03-05-09/11:07:46 PM

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Tommer Catlin Sat, 03/07/2009 - 19:38
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Probably need to open a tac case. but do i read the log file correct the display name has odd characters in it like Ex-Marco )) () stuff like that I wonder if it's throwing it off.

It could be a warning you *could* ignore, but its a tough call. TAC will better be able to diagnose it. If you have a new server for 7.02, id probably see if it the DMA loads. If it loads, and the device/line all look correct, Id probably ignore it.

Jason Aarons Sun, 03/08/2009 - 19:19
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Would this DMA error occur if Display exceeds 30 characters?

I tracked down this 7920G phone, went to the line;

Line Settings for this Device >

Display (Internal Caller ID) >

Efrain Soto (Ex-Marco Barcenas (Wireless))

Is that not a valid Display?

From help;

Display (Internal Caller ID)

Leave this field blank to have the system display the extension.

Use a maximum of 30 alphanumeric characters. Typically, use the user name or the directory number (if using the directory number, the person receiving the call may not see the proper identity of the caller).

Setting applies only to the current device unless you check the check box at right and click the Propagate selected button. (The check box at right displays only if other devices share this directory number.)


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