Migrate from PIX to ASA, problems with intermediate config from pixtoasa.ex

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I have just started the process with migrating from PIX to ASA-platform. I have used to pixtoasa.exe-tool several times to convert my existing PIX-config to ASA 5520-config, this has been working ok. But after the last time I reset the ASA to factory-default it will not accept the intermediate config from pixtoasa.exe anymore. I am doing as follows:

1: Running the tool with the PIX-config as input, no erros occurs during this process.

2: Copy the output to the ASA via TFTP

3: Copy the file into startup-config

4: reload

During boot the ASA shows a lot of errors, it seems the it does not accept the syntax of the PIX-commands, i.e. VPNGROUP-commands, that should be converted during boot. Any tips on thiswould be great. Do I have have set the ASA into a special mode to force it to convert the config? Thanks!

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