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I have a question about spanning a vlan source...I have two 6500's plugged into each other with a L2 etherchannel, and I have a network monitor tool plugged in to both switches. I'm trying to span a source vlan which is getting over 100Mb in traffic (one span session on each switch) but it looks like the destination vlan only gets 10-20Mb of traffic, and the network monitor tool is not capturing the traffic I'm looking for. I assumed the switch which is active for that vlan would see all the traffic...(which is right according to the vlan interface statistics on the switch)...so I don't understand why I'm not seeing all that traffic?

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Yea my configuration is correct.

I guess my question might be a little bit different then...the vlan I'm actually trying to monitor is the internal vlan for FWSM (I'm trying to see all the traffic entering FWSM). So I have that as the sour vlan (in both directions)...but I'm definitely not seeing all the traffic...is that the correct way to span this traffic?


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