6509 w/ SUP2: getting "unsupported feature" error with redundancy commands

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I have a 6509 w/ dual/redundant SUP2 cards.

When running these commands on the main console:



auto-sync startup-config

auto-sync running-config

auto-sync config-register

auto-sync bootvar

auto-sync standard

All of the “auto-sync” commands fail stating: “This command is an unreleased and unsupported feature”

When doing a “show ?” under main-cpu all it shows is “default” “exit” and “no”, so I'm not seeing any options for these commands. Are there any new commands that replace the “auto-sync” commands? I've been scouring Cisco and Google sites all morning with no luck.

Thanks, Mike

I have this problem too.
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adamclarkuk_2 Mon, 03/09/2009 - 12:51


auto-sync is definitely the command you need. What is the IOS you are running ?

I'm running 12.2.18SXF15a

Funny this is, the commands show up in the running config (and startup after doing a wr mem). And, when I make changes and save them it shows me a meesage that it's sync'ed to the standby SUP2.

It is the latest IOS, but I haven't found anything about this as far as open issues with it. And the version does support RPR+ too.


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