John.Gerlach Thu, 03/12/2009 - 08:32
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Actually we are using some of the 6 and 12 port models at some of our sites and they have been working well for us. We put or first units in around June or July 2008. It's nothing fancy but it does the job and tends to be a little cheaper than swapping out all of our 650xE chassis' and line cards.

The initial documentation and setup was a little lacking (I don't suppose it has changed) so just figuring out how to access the units the first time was a bit of a pain. But after you figure it out subsequent installs are pretty easy.

And you have to purchase dongles for the AP end which plug inline to the data cable and strip off the inline power and deliver it to the direct power input on the AP. It is a small but critical part and we originally did not have the correct ones for 1252's so they weren't getting full power. Just make sure when you are ordering you specifically mention your AP Model number so you get the correct ones.


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