Hold Reversion Ring-back on Shared Lines

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Mar 13th, 2009

Does anyone know if this is supposed to work since the Hold Reversion feature is a global setting on a DN and not specifc to a phone. We have shared lines and when on one of the phones the call is placed on hold, the ring-back goes to that line on that phone only, and not on all the shared lines (on the other phones).

We would like to have all the shared lines to get a ring-back tone indicating someone has been on Hold too long. We are on CUCM 7.0.2 with 7942/62 phones.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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Robert Gardner Tue, 01/14/2014 - 16:57

We have the same issue running CUCM 8.6 with 8961 handsets.

Has this bug been fixed in this version so that all devices with the shared line receive the alert?

rob.huffman Wed, 01/15/2014 - 05:43

Hi Robert,

The behavior is the same in CUCM 8.6 as it was in the original query.

Here's the 8.6 info;

Table 25-2     Hold Reversion Alerting Operations 

Alerting Operations

Incoming call alerting before hold reversion activates

No hold reversion alerts get sent to the holding phone until the incoming call is answered (except for the hold reversion icon).

Incoming call alerting after hold reversion activates

No additional alerts get sent to the holding phone until the incoming call is answered.

Shared line

Only the device that initiates the held call receives alerts. Other instances of the shared line do not receive alerts.

Multiple reverted calls on the same phone device or on the same phone line with no incoming call

All reverted calls receive alerts. You can configure different alert intervals for different lines.

Mutual hold

Both parties can receive hold reversion alerts.

Holding party represents one-sided call; for example, another feature splits the call or redirects the call

Hold reversion alerts get delayed until the holding party reassociates with another party.

Example: Shared Line

User A and user B exist in the same cluster. User A calls a shared line  on user B phone. User B puts the call on hold. If MOH is configured for  held calls, user A receives music.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager notifies user B when hold reversion  activates for the call—after 30 seconds, Cisco Unified Communications  Manager sends the message "Hold Reversion" to the phone and rings the  phone once (or beeps or flashes once) on the holding DN. (Your phone may  support additional alerting mechanisms.) Other users on the shared line  do not receive reverted call alert.

Until user B retrieves the reverted call, Cisco Unified Communications  Manager sends periodic reminder alerts every 20 seconds to the holding  phone for the DN—Cisco Unified Communications Manager sends the message  "Hold Reversion" to the phone and rings the phone once (or beeps or  flashes once) on the holding DN at the configured intervals. (Your phone  may support additional alerting mechanisms.) No other users on the  shared line receive reminder alerts.

User B receives no other calls on the phone. The call has focus, and user B goes off hook. User B retrieves the reverted call.





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