CME 7.1 / CUE 3.1 - Fax Onramp - Bug or Config Issue?

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Mar 15th, 2009
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I have searched long and hard for the correct way to do this but I can't find the information I think I need. I want to setup a dedicated incoming fax number (fax onramp) to accept a fax from the PSTN network (a traditional fax machine) and have it email to a dedicated email address. In other words, FAX Machine dials 1234561280, which receives the fax and then emails it to a local Exchange server ([email protected]). (NOTE: I could also live with it going to a single CUE mailbox too.)

I am running CME 7.1 and CUE 3.1.1.

So in doing research, I found several articles on using a TCL script you can download for fax onramp (and offramp) for an IOS gateway. I went down that route and finally had it answering the phone with a fax tone (config below) but it would reboot the router as soon as I hung up. (Never tried an actual fax since this was unacceptable regardless if it took the fax).

This was frustrating so more research. I was thinking the issue was the fact that the script was fairly old. So then I notice documents (and I had noted the fields when configuring users in CUE) that CUE 3.1 supported faxes. So then I wondered if I was using the wrong method.

I searched Cisco's web site and found nothing useful. Then I ran across this post on this forum that seemed to support my assumption that maybe I did not need that old TCL script on more recent IOS/CME/CUE solutions.



Replied by: tnorrell - CSE, CISCO SYSTEMS - May 11, 2008, 9:30am PST




The link in the previous post deals with haveing an application detect fax tone, but it does not function very well as an AA. The caller calls in, waits N number of seconds while a voice says something like "press 1 if this is a voice call, 2 if fax...". If the caller presses to, or the script hears fax tone, the script knows how to negotiate the fax. However, it wants to do it with t.37 (or store and forward). Meaning the email will be sent via email to the address listed in the script.

CUE 3.1 has the ability to do store and forward. it's built into the code, and doesn't require the IOS tcl script noted in the previous paragraph. It's a great way to receive faxes.




But when I followed the link shown here, it too uses the TCL script.

So I guess my question is:

1) Is there a way to do this without the TCL script?

2) If I need the TCL script, is there something I have configured wrong that is causing the problem or is there a bug in the script?


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Christopher Baker Sun, 03/15/2009 - 12:28
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1) Running the following code on 2851.

Cisco IOS Software C2800NM-SPSERVICESK9-M Version 12.4(22)YB

Cisco Unity Express Version 3.1 - Installer (Installer application)

2) Uploaded latest script to FLASH.

r1-rtr-voip#dir keep

Directory of flash:/keep/

274 -rw- 12262 Mar 15 2009 22:16:24 -05:00 app_faxmail_onramp.

3) Setup the following Config:

voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323


call start slow

voice translation-rule 1280

rule 1 /^1234561280$/ /1234561280/

rule 14 /^\(.......\)$/ /210/

rule 15 /^\(..........\)$/ /210/

voice translation-profile 123456128X-Inbound

translate calling 200

translate called 1280

fax interface-type fax-mail

mta send server port 25

mta send postmaster [email protected]

mta send mail-from hostname exchange.domain.local

mta send mail-from username unity



service faxtoemail flash:/keep/app_faxmail_onramp.


interface Integrated-Service-Engine1/0

description Unity Express (NME)

ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0.120

service-module ip address

!Application: CUE Running on NME

service-module ip default-gateway

no keepalive

ccm-manager fax protocol cisco


mgcp fax t38 ecm

dial-peer voice 1000 pots

description FAX to Email - Part 1

service faxtoemail

incoming called-number 1234561280



dial-peer voice 1001 mmoip

description FAX to Email - Part 2

service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound

destination-pattern 1234561280

information-type fax

session target mailto:[email protected]

dial-peer voice 1280 pots

description Incoming PRI (123456128X)

translation-profile incoming 123456128X-Inbound

incoming called-number 123456128.


port 0/0/0:23


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