WAP4400N Firmware Status

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Mar 16th, 2009


I have 2 WAP4400N access points, each has a different version of the firmware installed and one has options that the other one does not.

I have one access point running


and one running


If I visit the Cisco site for firmware updates, I see that only one version of firmware is available for this access point... 1.2.14

This is quite poor for Cisco, I realize that Linksys is not Cisco's main area of business, but if you are going to provide

downloads for access points you could at least make sure that you have the latest version available.

Can you please state when the latest firmware for this device will be realeased.

I have this problem too.
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johnhu Tue, 03/17/2009 - 11:54

We apologize the inconvenience; it's mainly due to the Cisco high standard of  high quality checking in firmware and GPL release process (higher than the prior Linksys process) for ensuring customers' receiving the high-quality firmware and GPL. Once the lastest  v1.2.17 firmware and GPL pass all the Cisco firmware/GPL release process review and checking, it will be posted (target 4/15/2009). Thanks.

johnhu Mon, 04/20/2009 - 14:58

The firmware/GPL of v1.2.17 of WAP4400N is still under the new review process; the new target date of release: 5/30/2009. We apologize for the delay. Thanks.

NETBUS2005 Mon, 06/01/2009 - 08:58

Hi John,

Do you have news for firmware 1.2.17?


Rodrigo Rosa


johnhu Mon, 06/01/2009 - 09:43

GPL team is still reviewing the GPL code of new firmware release. The new firmware release target date is 6/30/09. We apologize for the delay. Thanks.

johnhu Mon, 06/29/2009 - 11:54

The new firmware is still under testing. Thanks for your post.  Please stay tuned for upcoming firmware release.

bradh1964 Wed, 08/12/2009 - 17:59

Wow this is getting old! In the meantime for the unlucky people that bought these like me, we have a bunch of junk that reboots several times a day.

Steven DiStefano Thu, 08/13/2009 - 07:48

Valued Partners,

Please trust us when we tell you that we have escalated this to the VP level and its not that its still being tested, its that its being reviewed.

There are many of us (most of us actually) working level people inside at Cisco who are looking at these threads in absolute horror, and we very much want to solve this, short of doing anything that can get us fired.

One of the advantages of bringing former Linksys 'Business Series' products into the Cisco Small Business family is we have a new set of processes that we must follow to ensure we have registered code properly, and we have met the proper ISO9000 exit criteria,...etc. and have a new set of folks who are responsible for this.  

One of the disadvantages is until this becomes routine for them, the new process has really slowed us down ;-(...alot (too much in our opinion too)

I can tell you this is hurting our minds and our hearts, and we hope that you stay with us and perhaps in a couple weeks this nightmare will be over.  I no this is a lame excuse to post, but I just didnt want you to think we didnt care.  It is hurting my pocketbook too :-(

Steve DiStefano

Small Business SE

US Field Channel Sales

gloomrider Thu, 08/20/2009 - 18:28

I was fortunate enough to grab a copy of 1.2.17 (in January!) from the Linksys website before it disappeared.  I've had no problems with reboots.  I have had subtle problems with all the nodes on my wireless network being unable to connect to the AP after a week or two of uptime.  A reboot of the AP solves it until the next time.  I hope Cisco has spent these many months addressing issues and not just getting 1.2.17 ISO9000 certified.  Times are tough, even in Silicon Valley.

gloomrider Wed, 09/02/2009 - 10:21


Version 2 firmware was made available today for the WAP4410n.  Does anyone have an update on when we can expect to see similar firmware for the WAP4400n?

Thanks in advance.

William Childs Wed, 09/02/2009 - 20:25

According to this part of the Cisco site:


the WAP4400N will be end of support in 2011, and is already end of sale. Cisco does not tell its customer facing engineers about projected firmware release dates due to having the GPL approved. The best solution is to just check back periodically, or if your situation is such that you can't wait, call the Small Business Support Center and open a trouble ticket. The number is 866-606-1866.


gloomrider Thu, 09/03/2009 - 06:25

Thanks Bill

Based on this response (no new firmware for you because this product is EOL in less than two years), and the less than stellar reviews of the new WAP4410N firmware (new GUI, same bugs), I will be looking to other vendors for my small business Wireless Access Point needs.

glanders Thu, 09/03/2009 - 07:56


Not sure on the 4410N issues you are referring too. We had the wrong code posted for a bit, so possibly that is the reference? I believe is doing ok. Check https://www.myciscocommunity.com/message/15753#15753

on the 4400N, there is no firmware, just becuase it's taking a while (I don't know why) not because the product is end of sale.

I hope the 4410N can meet your needs.


gloomrider Thu, 09/03/2009 - 15:39

Hi Greg

I was pointing out that WAP4410N users have been waiting a long time for an update and it would seem that the wait is all about the rebranded GUI.  The release notes that accompanied the new WAP4410N firmware suggest than a minimum of known issues were addressed.  The WAP4400N users have even less to show for their patience.  All the user community wants is action.  A new GUI may meet some marketing-driven rebranding requirement, but it does nothing to reassure customers of a commitment to quality.  I have been a big fan of Linksys hardware for years now.  But my patience is wearing thin.  I have already begun to look at comparable hardware from other vendors.  Am I ready to jump the Linksys ship?  Almost.

glanders Thu, 09/03/2009 - 22:52

No doubt a long wait! Unfortunately all I can do is apologize for that. Short version - we had to change some internal approval process and it overwhelmed the parties responsible. Poor planning and timing on our end. It appears this won't be an ongoing issue for future releases. The releases have been more than rebranding, I'm sorry that't not too obvious. I know too if you don't reset to factory defaults after the upgrade there seems to be residual issues. In addition, good news/bad news on forums, right. Someone can be having a lot of issues that are interference, etc and believe it's still an issue with the device. Wireless is particular a challenge here. I know I've had several 'bad wireless' experiences over the years that were really environmental and not device...Sorry not making any excuses here, just a reality sometimes.

As far as bug fixes. To me there have been MANY so I would hope most/if not all the issues you are experiencing have been resolved. Obviously this is 4410N specific. I know we had some recent file posting issues that also prevented some users from receiving the latest version.

Hopefully this helps address some of your concerns. Thank you for your loyalty, I know this transition has created some pain, but we should be in a better position going forward. Below are the bug fixes in recent firmware updates.

2009/5/18 v2.0.0.5
Based on V2.0.0.4.
Change List:
1.    Fix bug #7408: DNS restore fail after loading configuration.
2.    Fix bug #6926: SMTP server and syslog server ip address can't block some invalid ip addresses.
3.    Fix bug #7508: Warning message show error if set utilization threshold to blank.
4.    Fix bug #7422: HTTP Rediect URL can be fixed with HTTPS protocol by cli.
5.    Fix bug #7425: HTTP Rediect URL can be fixed with HTTPS protocol by SNMP.
6.    Fix bug #7401: HTTP redirect url can accept invalid ip addresses and if setting it to dut ip,it works abnormally.
7.    Fix bug #7516: WPA mode key including space can't be saved again.
8.    Fix bug #6802: Static ipv6 address can't block some invalid ip address.
9.    Fix bug #6601: set remoteucr command can set mac for WDS Repeater Mode.
10.    Fix bug CSCsz56657: Login page:  browser title bar should NOT display product model name.
11.    Fix bug CSCsz56664: Warning Message in Factory Default requires modification.
12.    Fix bug CSCsz66033: Adding Product Model name in the Browser title bar.
13.    Fix bug that Removing Bonjour feature.

2009/04/20 v2.0.0.4 Jick
Based on V2.0.0.3.
Change List:
1.    Fix bug #6926: SMTP server and syslog server ip address can't block some invalid ip address.
2.    Fix bug #6802: Static ipv6 address can't block some invalid ip address.
3.    Fix bug #6828: Setting wpa key to specified characters lead to gui error.
4.    Fix bug #6812: Disable wireless function, but wireless mode doesn't show disabled on the page of wireless status.
5.    Fix bug #6814: Radius server of connection control can be saved with default values.
6.    Fix bug #6788: setting basic wireless page will show error on GUI.
7.    Fix bug #6036: clicking "Cancel" button fail when ssid's name blank.
8.    Fix bug #6835: HTTP redirect url can't be setted like www.abc.com:80.
9.    Fix bug #6807: Invalid manual date can be settled.
10.    Fix bug #6808: No warning message if setting Beacon interval, DTIM interval, RTS threshold or Fragmentation threshold to blank.
11.    Fix bug #6796: The same mac address can be added in page of AP mode.
12.    Fix bug #6795: Radius server secret key cann't be clear if it was once settled.
13.    Fix bug #6069: Wireless client can't open internet web when Redirect URL with HTTPS as prefix.
14.    Fix bug #6831: There is an error when open GUI by HTTPS protocol at the first time.
15.    Fix bug CSCsy91481: Incorrect Copyright Notice in About page.
16.    Fix bug CSCsy91484: Content Area title name change - Basic Wireless.
17.    Fix bug CSCsy91490: Content Area title name change - Security.
18.    Fix bug CSCsy91495: Content Area title name change - Connection Control.
19.    Fix bug CSCsy91498: Content Area title name change - Advanced Wireless.
20.    Fix bug CSCsy91501: Container Node name change in Wireless -> Advanced.
21.    Fix bug CSCsy91507: Page background is NOT fixed in Firefox 3.0.7.
22.    Fix bug CSCsy91510: Control Buttons are NOT LEFT-aligned.
23.    Fix bug CSCsy91513: MAC Address title name in AP Mode page.
24.    Fix bug CSCsy91516: Username display at the header is malfunction.
25.    Fix bug CSCsy91519: Error checking in login page.
26.    Fix bug CSCsy91527: Inconsistent Feature Name in the Title bar and in the Navigation Pane.
27.    Fix bug CSCsy91530: Inconsistent title name in "Basic Setup" Help page.
28.    Fix bug CSCsy91531: Inconsistent title name in "VLAN and QoS" Help page.
29.    Fix bug CSCsy91569: Inconsistent feature name in Titlebar across all GUI page.
30.    Fix bug CSCsy91593: Content Area title name change - Config Management.
31.    Fix bug CSCsy97530: GUI fails to redirect to default IP Address.
32.    Fix bug CSCsy97532: In System Perfomance page, Wireless Connection displays incorrectly.
33.    Fix bug CSCsy99105: Disabling wireless interface will erase previous SSIDs settings.
34.    Fix bug CSCsy99185: Wireless mode in Wireless status page display incorrectly.

2009/03/30 v2.0.0.3 Jick
Based on V2.0.0.2.
Change List:
1.    Change Linksys to Cisco in the HTML source files.

2009/03/20 v2.0.0.2 Jick
Based on V2.0.0.1.
Change List:
1.    Improve Bonjour function to meet the new spec: add control for every service type; add hdVersion in DNS TXT record field; add all Bonjour support for Web GUI, SNMP and CLI.

2009/03/13 v2.0.0.1 Jick
Based on V2.0.00.0.
Change List:
1.    Fix Bug #6116: SNMP Trusted Host static IP can't be setted by SNMP tools at the first time.
2.    Fix Bug #6024: ipv6address and ipv6gateway can't be setted by snmp.
3.    Fix Bug #6493: The serail number of WEP key can be setted different with the default transmit key.
4.    Fix Bug #6028: redo upload fail after the first upload file.
5.    Fix Bug #6191: WAP4410N compatibility is very bad with WPC4400N(Marvell).
6.    Fix Bug #6509: NTP server by Manual works fail.
7.    Fix Bug #6629: DUT crashed if the number of CMC emulating STAs was more than 3.
8.    Fix Bug #6612: CLI command snmpmanagemode and snmptrapmode not match to GUI's any feature.
9.    Fix Bug #6610: WdsVlanList should be deleted in MIB file.
10.    Fix Bug #6609: VlanQoSTable settings can't be setted by snmp.
11.    Fix Bug #6599: Disable wireless function, the other basic wireless settings shouldn't be edited.
12.    Fix Bug #6598: There is an error on Wireless Basic Settings web page.
13.    Fix Bug #6590: Delete button on the page of legal ap list worked abnormally if not selecting any ap entry.
14.    Fix Bug #6587: SNMP help file word error.
15.    Fix Bug #6582: Valid HTTP redirect url issue.
16.    Fix Bug #6572: Vista client setting dut WEP security mode by WPS failed.
17.    Fix Bug #6501: No warning message popped up when setting invalid value to key Renewal for wpa-psk or wpa2-psk.
18.    Fix Bug #6479: The valid length of username and password didn't accordant on login page and management page.
19.    Show message changed from linksys to cisco for upnp and mib description.
20.    Bonjour function is reworked for following Linksys' spec.
21.    Update GUI copy right date from 2008 to 2009.
22.    Firmware version format changed from to in web page.

2009/02/20 v2.0.00.0 Jick
Based on V1013.
Change List:
1.    GUI is rebranded.
2.    Support DHCPv6 Client.
3.    Support bonjour protocol.
4.    Support double-byte SSID.
5.    Improve wireless client list.
6.    Change the default host name based on MAC address.
7.    Change the default ssid from "linksys-n" to "ciscosb".
8.    Firmware version format changed to
9.    Update wireless driver to LSDK_7.1.3.70_AP83FUSAtheros.
10.    Fix bug:[0006165] SSID Broadcast option be changed to disable as default optin when fix ssid2/ssid3/ssid4.
11.    Fix bug:[0006191] WAP4410N Compatibiity is very bad with WPC4400N(Marvell).
12.    Fix bug:[0006186] intel4965 A/G/N can't connect to AP which security is WPA/WPA2-AES.
13.    Fix bug:[0006184] WPC600N(Broadcom) connect to AP with wpa/wpa2 fail in RF1-shielding room.
14.    Fix bug: [0006035] WDS Wireless Client/Repeater mode don't work when "Allow wireless station to associate" optin disable.

2009/01/13 v1013 Archer, Jick
Based on v1012.
Change List:
15.    Fix bug:[0003621] The log file can not be saved
16.    Fix bug:[0003620] There is no warning information when save the same MAC in the Connection control List
17.    Fix bug:[0003619] The 2 Mac address can't be saved at the same time when cut one Mac to paste to another Mac.
18.    Fix bug:[0003608] The SSID 1 can not save 1,2and3number
19.    Fix bug:[0003595] When you fix a invalid ipv6 gateway in the blank ,the page will be closed after you click the Savesetting button
20.    Fix bug:[0003398]The channelbandwidth default value is not consist with the setting in the SNMP manager.
21.    Fix bug:[RD] mail server and http Redirect URL check error.(when input  http or https)
22.    Fix bug:[RD] when set wireless truck priority vlan id error.
23.    Fix bug:[RD] when set 11n only Cli & snmp cann't set wep or Radius.
24.    Fix bug:[RD] GW/DNS can set some invalid value
25.    Fix bug:[RD] UC/UR wireless apply destroy interface error.
26.    Fix bug:[RD] When DHCP Server and GateWay is different.DUT get GateWay error.
27.    Fix bug:[RD] Mib file: RTS Threshold (1~2347).
28.    Fix bug:[RD] When change Host name. syslog sent to Syslog notification server Host name show error.
29.    Fix bug:[RD] SNMP Trusted Host IP check. End IP less start IP
30.    Fix bug:[RD] Radius Server IP can set space
31.    Fix bug:[RD] Cli & SNMP IPv6 check strictly
32.    Fix bug:[RD] SNMP 802.1x supplicant get name & password error.
33.    Fix bug:[RD] Cli VlanDefault help error
34.    Fix bug:[RD] editcfg TimeZone cann't to update
35.    Fix bug:[RD] SNMP device name show error.(mib-II, Cli, editcfg)
36.    Fix bug:[RD] SNMP & Cli emailaddress check strictly
37.    Fix bug:[PA] In editconfig file IPv6 mode cann't restore
38.    Fix bug:[PA] In editconfig file NTP mode cann't restore
39.    Fix bug:[PA] In editconfig file Client/Repeater SSID cann't restore
40.    Fix bug:[PA] In editconfig file APMode Monitor cann't restore
41.    Fix bug:[RD]In editconfig file vap VLAN ID restore, VlanList restore error.
42.    Fix bug:[RD] When DUT set WDS mode and other AP connect DUT with UC/UR mode, Security set WPA or WPA2, some times WDS will be broken.
43.    Fix bug:[RD] In editconfig file wiless monitor Rogue Type error.
44.    Fix bug:[B0008081] SNMP: Device Name cannot be set or get in MIB II or in Sercomm private MIB via any SNMP management tool
45.    Fix bug:[B0008082] Help file with wireless mode(missing N-only, B/G-Mixed & B/G/N-Mixed)
46.    Fix bug:[B0008091] WDS: WAP4410N fails to receive correct 802.1p Priority (CoS) tagging over wireless bridging
47.    Update wireless driver to LSDK_7.1.3.66_AP83FUSAtheros
48.    Improve performance when working with Intel Centrio
49.    Improve working with wireless game adaptor WGA600N when streaming media
50.    Add KR SKU into country list.
51.    Fix bug [0006015]: CLI can't get ipv6 address and ipv6 gateway infomation
52.    Fix bug [0006019]: SNMP v1 & v2 can't set to APUT when GUI be fixed "Get Community" the same as "Set Community"
53.    Fix bug [0006020]: SNMP no block radius port 0 and 65536
54.    Fix bug [0006024]: ipv6address and ipv6gateway can't be setted by snmp
55.    Fix bug [0006025]: ipv6 Prefix Length can be setted as 999 by snmp
56.    Fix bug [0006021]: wep key can be fixed "" or "10000" by snmp
57.    Fix bug [0006045]: IP address fixed fail
58.    Fix bug [0006042]: Email server ip can be fixed with prefixal "http/https......"
59.    Fix bug [0006023]: There is an error show on AP Mode GUI when clicking check box "Allow wireless station to associate"
60.    Fix bug [0006165]: SSID Broadcast option be changed to disable as default option when fix ssid2/ssid3/ssid4
61.    Fix bug [0006121]: APUT can't get IPv6 IP address and gateway from WRVS4400Nv2 supply DHCP6 server

mortomanos Fri, 09/04/2009 - 03:25

Hi Greg,

am I missing something? What gloomrider (and most of the followers of this thread) wanted is a release date for the WAP4400N model, not the 4410N model. If I download the latest 4400N firmware I still see 1.2.14-ETSI, and this is far outdated.

Is there any hope of getting a fresh 4400N firmware?


glanders Fri, 09/04/2009 - 13:02

Sorry, yes we got off topic on the 4410N.

I do not have any update on the Firmware posting date for the 4400N

elecoeleco Sat, 09/05/2009 - 09:55

Please Greg answer to this simple question.You will intend to release a new firmware upgrade for the 4400N or not?

glanders Mon, 09/07/2009 - 16:46


As I've stated previously, I do not have an update on the relase of new firmware for the 4400N.  One of the product managers will update these thread when a definite date is known.

gloomrider Mon, 09/07/2009 - 17:06

Thanks Greg.

I think a lot of us have moved on to other vendors by now.  I will keep an eye out for the satisfaction level of the WAP4410N users.  If it seems like the consensus is that it is a stable product, I might come back to the Linksys Business line.  Nothing personal, but this product line clearly is not a priority for Cisco.

P.S.: Did you know there are still plenty of WAP4400Ns out there in the supply chain?  Check with internet retailers.  Probably not a good purchasing choice at this stage.


robinsonjas Fri, 09/04/2009 - 05:50

I agree with the above, I think this thread is for the WAP4400N.

Having recently ordered 4 of these APs (admittedly, I didn't do much homework - typically, I relate Cisco to top quality) I am hoping I don't have the many issues that have been relayed in this and many other threads I've read online. I'll continue with the setup and update as I work through the install. Wish me luck.

gloomrider Fri, 09/04/2009 - 06:22

Thanks for the lengthy reply.  Did you notice that the vast majority of "bugs" in the list were related to the implemenation of the new GUI?  I think you just helped make my point :-)

But let's get back to the topic at hand.  Can you show us the release notes for the upcoming new WAP4400N firmware?  No doubt many would be interested in knowning what's in it and when we might expect to see it.

Regarding your assertion of environmental issues, I have substituted other vendor's access points for the WAP4400N in the same environment and not had the same issues.  If you read the threads, it seems the symptom of the AP losing connection to all clients and not reestablishing until a power cycle is pretty common for the WAP4400N.  So if a different AP from a different vendor solves the problem, can it still be explained away as environmental or user error?

I sincerely appreciate the back-and-forth, Greg.  And I'm hoping that Cisco's answer to frustrated WAP4400N owners is not, "Buy a WAP4410N".

elecoeleco Thu, 09/03/2009 - 11:52

It is so hard work to do for CISCO? I don’t believe it. I think something else happens...

thnov Thu, 09/03/2009 - 13:27


What is the status for the new firmware for WAP4400N? Can anyone confirm that there will never be a newer release than 1.2.14?

Should I buy another brand AP instead of waiting?

Hi all,

I'm fairly disappointed to see the level flaming on what I expected to be a professional forum.

Regardless, I too am anxious to see bugs in the 4400n addressed, and hopeful that Cisco will be motivated to continue working on it. My users have a lot of trouble using the network I set up, unfortunately I invested in the 4400N too soon to see its reviews come out. The sooner it gets fixed, the sooner I won't have to listen to my user complaints almost daily.

Good luck.

gloomrider Fri, 10/02/2009 - 16:20

Hi Ryan

I think Cisco has written off the WAP4400N now that it is End Of Life.  There hasn't been anything optimistic about a firmware update from Cisco in quite some time here.

robinsonjas Mon, 10/05/2009 - 04:54

I ordered 5 of these, after reading reviews and some initial setup woes I shipped back to Newegg and went w/ the Cisco 1200 APs. Much much better.

thnov Mon, 10/05/2009 - 10:37

I had some stability problems for clients with 1.2.14 (ETSI).

After I upgraded to 1.2.17 my clients have been stable for over  two weeks now.

This sw can't be downloaded from cisco.com but is available from other sites.

gloomrider Mon, 10/05/2009 - 13:05

I have been running 1.2.17 since January and still have problems with client disconnects.  A power cycle of the AP always fixes the problem.  The AP will then function nominally from 1 day to 2 weeks.  After that, lather, rinse, repeat.  Swapping out the AP with one from another vendor seems to solve the problem permanently.  I'm certainly willing to try to some new firmware if Cisco believes they have found and resolved this issue.

gloomrider Mon, 10/05/2009 - 19:42

Hi Ryan

I have no more than 12 users on this AP.  I even tried all the wackiness suggested in the WAP4410N threads (change channel, reset to factory defaults, static IP, etc) to no avail.  Some times it is solid for almost two weeks.  Other times, it doesn't make it 24 hours between the need for power cycle.  I even borrowed a colleague's laptop that had CACE Pilot and AirPcap installed to make sure that my wireless network wasn't being attacked when this happens.  There are no attacks and plenty of WAP4400N owners complain of the same thing: The AP stops allowing any communication from clients and the only way to clear is power cycling the AP.  I borrowed a Netgear WG302 from a vendor friend and it ran solid for over 9 weeks without a single power cycle!  Alas, I had to give it back and I'm back to the WAP4400N power-cycle-daily nonsense.  The WAP4410N doesn't seem much better.  The only reports of reliability are from those using it in bridge mode.  Since 802.11n just got ratified, I think I'll wait for the next-gen business class wireless B/G/N APs to come out before I replace this unit.  Cisco is going to need to do some serious fence mending before I consider another Linksys Small Business product again.

Oh, there's new firmware out, but the release notes say only two fixes, and they're both in the GUI :-(

gloomrider Mon, 10/05/2009 - 19:18

It would seem 1.2.19 contains two fixes post-1.2.17.

I don't think these two fixes are going to address this issues many have been having:

  • Fixed the inconsistency in the Device Name field on the SNMP and Basic Setup pages, which was caused by the SNMP Set function.
  • Removed from the help page the description of the Interoperability Testing (IOT) mode.
johnacla Mon, 10/05/2009 - 19:25

I understand your concern. If you can, try the upgrade and test. If there still appears to be an issue, please contact the SBSC to have a Service Request open, and we can have these issues addressed in a more timely fashion to make sure all of our basis are covered.

Thank You,


gloomrider Mon, 10/05/2009 - 19:50

Thanks for the follow up John.  I don't hold out much hope that the SBSC can help me.  They're just going to tell me to do all the things they told me to do before (change channel, reset to defaults, static IP, etc).

johnacla Mon, 10/05/2009 - 19:53

I understand sir. Would you email me your contact information? I would like to schedule a time to discuss this with you tomorrow, if possible. I would like to try to help with more.


Danyz_1008 Thu, 10/08/2009 - 02:04


I`ve been following this funny story in silence, since the beginning. Unfortunately I belong to this group of unhappy users too: I bought 9 of these APs before this issue showed up. Bad luck.

I`ve been reading the Release note and, honeslty, I felt quite kidded: the biggest issue everyone here was talking about since the beginning has not been fixed. I`m obviously talking about the device instability, just to make it clear.

I`m not going to annoy all of you with useless explanations of this well-known issue: I just want to know from Cisco when the real issues will be finally fixed.

I`m looking forward to get a clear answer on this.



P.s. Of course I`ve already tested the new firmware. Stabilitywise, nothing has changed.


johnacla Mon, 10/12/2009 - 13:42


          Please contact the Small Business Support Center at 1-866-606-1866, for additional support. We may be able to assist further, or you can email me

Thank You,



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