SIP disconnct cause 487?????

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Hello there,

I am in the need of some help over here, please.

all in all i am trying to receive a call on my cisco 5400 pass it with SIP to my cisco 5300 and out of my PSTN to the world on the 5300.

for some reason all the call only last 1 sec and drop right away, not sure why is this happening, but in the debug i am getting errors:

16 and 487 (request cancel)

call flow as follow:

call comes in on PSTN->5400 than SIP to ---->5300------>than out the PSTN (of the 5300).

yet the SIP is not working, as i said 1 sec and disconnect.

any ideas of why this is happening?

yet on the other hand if i point my Voip soft phone to the 5300 and SIP to it, call works with no problem.

strange.......any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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Nicholas Matthews Mon, 03/16/2009 - 21:29

We would need to see debugs for this. Can't speculate any possible causes for this scenario without more details, sorry.



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