IP Phone- Not displaying number when placing a internal call

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gogasca Mon, 03/16/2009 - 17:51

Hi Gene,

Use Translation pattern in the middle to catch the number an dplay with Restriction flags:

Phone 1 1001 pt internal

CSSA internal,transform

Phone 2 1002 pt sanjose

TP 1002 partition transform

change restriction options.

CSSB: internal, sanjose


Sorry, this is too confusing to me.

Is CSSA, Calling Search Space A ??

I have a number 1234 who has a device in DP DP_CH and CSS CSS_CH. The number is in Partition PT_Internal and CSS CSS_National

When he picks up the phone and calls another 4 digit number on our system, he does not mind that his name comes up on the recipient phone, but does not want the number below the name in parenthesis to show up.

I went into translation pattern and created one for extension 1234 with no partition and a CSS of CSS_National or CSS_CH, all other default values and chend calling party transformation, connected party transf or called party transformations and nothing changed when I picked up 1234 and dialed another phone in my office 4513. It still displayed everything.

Sorry. I am a little rusty on these things....



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