MoH not kicking in.

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Mar 17th, 2009
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I have configured MoH for a UCM 6 cluster. I have assigned all the devices a MRGL that includes a MRG with the MoH servers in them and assigned audio streams at that device level. I am still ONLY getting tone on hold (3 beeps).

I have never encountered this problem before and looking for any insight or suggestions where to look. Switch somewhere that I missed?



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mhendren925 Tue, 03/17/2009 - 09:16
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Did you restart the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service?

I know when I've done a MoH change, I have to restart that before it takes effect.

gpworld Tue, 03/17/2009 - 09:18
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Yes, have restarted it several times and did an off hours reboot of the entire cluster last night. Have restarted the CM service as well.

I am baffled to be honest. Cannot get the default to play or an uploaded file either.


AndrewG909 Wed, 03/18/2009 - 10:32
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I am having this same exact issue. MOH was working fine with the sample music that was assigned to the stream. I uploaded a new file from the MOH CD-ROM provided by cisco and assigned that new file to the stream and now MOH is not playing. Restarted app. services as well and nothing.

If you find a solution to this please post it Greg, I will keep working this issue as well. Hopefully someone can offer a little insight.

gpworld Wed, 03/18/2009 - 10:48
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Ok so I did find part of the problem. Part of which was an oversight (as usual) on my part..grrrrr

1. Regions were not configured properly nor assignments to regions within device pools. Cleaned this up first, still did not fix the issue.

2. The two MoH servers I am using are the pub and first subscriber (pub will be removed from this task when next sub installed) where assigned to the same device pool. Hence different CallManager groups and they registered to the opposite callmanager. Once this was rectified so the MOH_Pub registered with the pub and MOH_Sub1 registered with Sub1 and the IP voice media streaming app was restarted we got MOH for the default stream installed during installation. However, our custom stream still will not play out. We are going to re-record so that it does not need to be translated. It did however prevent the tone on hold and just provides silence. Will keep posted on the new file once it has been uploaded.

Hope this helps....


AndrewG909 Wed, 03/18/2009 - 10:55
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Hey Greg,

Had some luck on my end.

I had a sudden realization that altho I changed the Stream audio source I only did so in the primary server. By doing that I made a global change on our cluster to use the newly uploaded audio file, however the secondary server didn't have this audio file uploaded, so it was pointing to a file that wasn't there.

So i went to all my servers and uploaded the file for each one and restarted the application service and whaallaaaa....

gpworld Wed, 03/18/2009 - 11:23
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Hmmm interesting as the file should be replicated across the cluster and serves as a single point of administration.

"Each music on hold server uses the local hard disk to store copies of the Music On Hold audio source files. Each audio source file gets distributed to the server(s) when the file is added through the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration interface."

But hey if it works! Did you check replication and make sure it is working? From command line:

show perfs query class "Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication"

Looking for a 2 in the state field. You can see this via RTMT as well. I am curious though.

AndrewG909 Wed, 03/18/2009 - 11:34
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According to the help page on the CUCM web interface it specifically says that you must upload it to each server manually. Unless the replication process is a work around to that.

"Note Uploading an audio source file to an MOH server uploads the file only to one MOH server. You must upload an audio source file to each MOH server in a cluster by using Cisco Unified CallManager Administration on each server. MOH audio source files do not automatically propagate to other MOH servers in a cluster."

AndrewG909 Wed, 03/18/2009 - 11:26
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Ensure you actually upload the file to every server. If you assign the MOH on the device level and every server doesn't have the file uploaded to it, it will be blank


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