My thoughts on ICND2 after failing

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Mar 17th, 2009


I read through the TOS and made sure what I am saying is NOT against the rules. If anyone finds what I am saying to be against the agreement, please delete my post or let me know so I can correct the problem. I don't want my thoughts to cause any problems.

These comments are related to the 640-816, not 640-802.

After taking the ICND2 640-816, I learned a little bit and have some suggestions for individuals about to take the exam.

1.) Don't worry so much about memorizing every command. Know the theory inside and out and "understand the syntax" for most of the commands. Remember, this exam is to test real life experience. In real life you don't "memorize", you "know".

2.) Show commands, Debug commands. Don't just know how to type "show vlan 10". Become familiar with the OUTPUT of every one of those commands and what it means. If you are to memorize anything, memorize what an output of the command looks like and what the information means.

3.) SUBNETTING subnetting SuBnEtTiNg SUBnettING subNETTING! Practice subnetting and VLSM every day. If you know all the concepts and suck at subnetting and VLSM, you will probably do poor, maybe even fail. Know it so well you could reverse engineer 5 subnets in less than 4 minutes.

4.) Time Management! If you don't know the concepts of this exam well enough. Meaning, you know the material but it takes you time to dish out an answer, you will probably run out of time.

Although, these observations are regarding the ICND2 on my part. This really goes to show that these exams are difficult. The real tip anyone needs is practice hard, really learn the material, and get some hands on experience. I'm sure this goes for all Cisco exams.

As my last words, this was really a fair, and difficult exam. It is straight forward and to the point. If you really don't know the material, you will fail.

I have this problem too.
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