remote vpn and site to site vpn question

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i am running into a situation that the ASA 5510 has remote vpn setup and working properly. This ASA also has a vpn site-to-site vpn tunnel setup and is also working properly. But they want users at the site-to-site vpn tunnel be able to using remote vpn and vpn back into the same ASA to get to the local networks. (odd situation, i supposed).

Technically, it seems doable, but i like to have your expert comment here, if possible.

When user is at the site-to-site tunnel, they can ping the remote-access peer(the remote-access peer ip is the same as the site-to-site tunnel ip), but when they vpn in, they are getting "Group=xx, ip=x.x.x.x, Removing peer from peer table failed, no match" message.


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