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I'm using Ciscoworks from my laptop using a web browser. When I'm trying to use Topology View the next ussue appears and I can't use the utility.

"Cannot connect to ANI server...

Probable cause: Unknown Error

Verify that ANIServer-<name machine> is running, and restart Campus Manager "

At Ciscoworks main machine this issue doesn't happen and all ANI services are in running normally status, for this I think the problem is my laptop. I uninstalled all java pluggins and installed the pluggin than CW sends, but this not fix the issue...

Any ideas ?

I have this problem too.
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Martin Ermel Wed, 03/18/2009 - 09:43

as jclarke mentioned on this forum before, this is usually due to the fact the client cannot connect to the server on TCP ports 42342 and 43242 because of a firewall (e.g. local firewall on the laptob) or accesslist that prevents this.

For a test try to connect to the server on these ports, like:

telnet 43242

telnet 42342

Also the name of the LMSserver must be resolvable on the client.


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