UCM 7.0 Calling Party Normalization

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Mar 18th, 2009
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I have UCM 7.X integrated with AD 2008. The telephone number is populated with the +1 XXX XXX XXXX syntax. Alos, we have users outside the US with numbers reflected as + 44 etc. for their country code and number.

How can I configure CM to be intellegent enough to

1) Dial with the + in the characters (Is this possible or do I have to strip it)

2) Know if it's a US number or not so that it can prepend 9 or 9011

3) Will it skip over spaces or must I remove those too?

Can someone help or point me to a doc on how to? I can only see the SRND and there is no info on how to configure it.



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emikelso Tue, 03/24/2009 - 19:16
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I ended up finding that after my post.

Thye have 7945s and 7965. Ultimately, I am just adding the +1 and +011 to the inbound calls, then have a route pattern with those for the return calls outbound. I'm using the calling party normalization only for calls transferred to Unity and UCCX.


MARK BAKER Mon, 03/07/2011 - 08:15
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You could prefix +1 for incoming National calls, just + for international calls and +1408 for subscriber calls if you were in the 408 area code.

Your route-pattern for national could be +1.!  or +1.XXXXXXXXXX to remove any interdigit timeout issues.

     strip predot and prepend 9 (If sending to an H323 gateway)

Your route-pattern for international could be +.[2-9]!

     Strip predot and prepend 9011 (If sending to an H323 gateway)

You could also have a local route-pattern to convert to 7 digit dialing as +1408.XXXXXXX

     strip predot and prepend 9 (If sending to an H323 gateway)

It depends on how you configure your dialplan on where you would do the digit manipulation. The examples below use translation-patterns pointing to a single route-pattern of +.! that point to route-lists containing gateways.

Translation pattern 9.1XXXXXXXXXX (user dialed number)

     strip predot and prepend +

Translation pattern 9011.! (user dialed number)

     strip predot and prepend +

Translation pattern 9.XXXXXXX (user dialed number)

     strip predot and prepend +1408

     hq-translation-pattern_CSS points to hq-route-pattern_pt containing +.! pattern only pointing to hq-route-list


numbers dialed from the directory with the + could ether use the +.! route-pattern already configured or another translation-pattern such as the below with the same CSS as the 9. translation-patterns.

Translation pattern +.1XXXXXXXXXX (National)

Translation pattern +.[2-9]! (International)

Translation pattern +1408.XXXXXXX (Subscriber)

With this setup, you can transform the called and calling numbers at the gateway itself which simplifies failing over to a gateway in a different area code.

The documentation for this functionality is very spotty and difficult to piece together. I was able to finely complete the puzzle recently, but it is still difficult to explain in a short forum reply.

With the above dial-plan you can add the below digit maniuplation for oubound calls on the gateway in area code 408.

called number

+1408.! - strip predot / prepend 9 if h323 gateway

+.1! - strip predot / prepend 9 if h323 gateway

+.! - strip predot prepend 011 / prepend 9011 if h323 gateway

Like I said before, this is very involved and really depends on how you configure your dial-plan. (Are you setting call type for calling number on outbound calls...do you have the phone external mask configured as +1408555XXXX...Type of Number provided by PSTN to you and expected from you by the PSTN...etc). Once you've nailed down you requirements it isn't too bad to set up and maintain.

Hope this helps in some way,



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