CCX SQL Server - Mixed Mode Authentication

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Aaron Harrison Fri, 03/20/2009 - 12:07
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There's also no real need to enable it... normally!

To get auth'd to the SQL server for dev purposes, without using SQL auth:

1) Create a local user account on the CCX server, with the same user name as you have in your normal domain or local PC (i.e. aaron.harrison for me)

2) Make sure you set your same, current password on the account (yes, it needs updating whenever you change yours)

3) Go into SQL Ent Manager, and grant the new local account DBO permissions on db_cra

You can now authenticate using windows auth to the DB.

CCX 5+ seems more picky about how you auth to the DB and what method you use to connect (i.e. 'ADO for ODBC drivers' using TCP/IP) so I try not to meddle at all so as to ensure compatibility with customer setups.

SQL Auth is considered weaker, and therefore bad.




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