UCCX 5.X or Higher Scripting Guidance on keeping place in queue

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Mar 19th, 2009
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I have a request to build a script that allows for a call while queued to perform certain functions. If at any time, they choose to be back in the queue, that they keep there place in line. This way they never loose there place in queue and allows for them to do other things while they wait.

Has anyone attempted this? If so, what did you use? I've seen some examples of the voicemail queue as well as web callback, but those scripts place new calls into the queue. Nothing to do with keeping place in queue.

I could be making this out to be harder then it seems. Just looking for some pointers. Haven't tried this, but can see where the need would be...

thanks for any help in advance.

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Jonathan Schulenberg Thu, 03/19/2009 - 13:13
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It should be pretty straight forward: Add whatever steps you need within the Queued branch of the Select Resource step. I would actually recommend building this logic as a subflow and then call that. As long as you remain within the queued branch, the caller's place in queue is maintained. Using a subflow step to call more elaborate IVR logic will minimize the impact on your maximum step count. This is because it would only count only the subflow step each time through the queue loop instead of each step individually.

The key to this type of work is the "Disable Interruptions" option on some steps such as Play Prompt or Get Digit String. If an agent becomes available, the caller is normally suspended from the queued branch immediately. If the agent does not answer, the caller returns to the queued branch. If you disable interruptions, the step cannot be interrupted. The agent would sit in a Reserved state until the caller passes the step that has interruptions disabled. At which point they would be offered a chance to take the call.

kelvin.blair Thu, 03/19/2009 - 13:18
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Thanks for the quick response. I figured as long as it stayed in the queue stop it will keep the place in queue. Just needed to be sure. Do you by chance have an example that I can look at regarding or a document that goes into more detail in the the logic you describe in the second part of your message. That would be great.

+5 for you.. Thanks

Jonathan Schulenberg Thu, 03/19/2009 - 19:20
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I misspoke before, the radio button is labeled "Interruptible" on the step. I've attached a screen shot of this on the Menu step.

The Step Reference Guide makes mention of it on page 184 (of the 5.0 doc):

Interruptible (radio buttons)

Yes-An external event (such as an agent becoming available or a caller hanging up) can interrupt the step.

No-The step must complete before any other process can execute.

The idea is that you can prevent the script from stopping in the middle of a step and going to an agent. This can be good or bad depending on the situation. If the agents aren't as good at answering calls the first time they are offered, this starts to become more useful IMHO.


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