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I don't do Express, but CAD is CAD. When an agent is on an inbound call with a customer, the Supervisor selects that call from the CSD dispaly and now the Barge In button is active.

Press that and a conference is set up - if you are the Super, your phone will ring. If you answer it - three way conference.

You can now press the Intercept button which will take the agent out of the picture and the Super will be dealing with the customer. The agent moves on to the next call.

I'd be very surprised if this is not explained in the CAD document that came with Express. If it's not, the CAD document in the Enterprise area on the Cisco web will help.



jarogers2 Thu, 06/18/2009 - 10:03
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I would guess you are on Standard licensing which does not support Supervisor Barge/Intercept of the call. That is available at the Enhanced and Premium licensing which is why I would guess your options are greyed out.


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