AP521 HTTP access

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Leo Laohoo Tue, 03/24/2009 - 14:12

I'm not familiar with this type of WLC, however, with it's bigger brothers (WLC 2000/2100/4400/WiSM), you can no longer access the HTTP of the LAP because it's exactly serving it's true purpose. All configuration and provisioning are being centralised on the WLC.

yes, but I could not find that configration

(Cisco Controller) >?

clear Clear selected configuration elements.

config Configure switch options and settings.

debug Manages system debug options.

help Help

linktest Perform a link test to a specified MAC address.

logout Exit this session. Any unsaved changes are lost.

ping Send ICMP echo packets to a specified IP address.

mping Send Mobility echo packets to a specified mobility peer IP address.

eping Send Ethernet-over-IP echo packets to a specified mobility peer IP address.

reset Reset options.

save Save switch configurations.

show Display switch options and settings.

test Test trigger commands

(Cisco Controller) >config ?

advanced Advanced Configuration.

(Cisco Controller) >config advanced ?

802.11a 802.11a parameters.

802.11b 802.11b parameters.

client-handoff Auto handoff the clients on excessive retires.

dot11-padding Configure over-the-air frame padding

eap EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) Settings

macfiltering Configure advanced macfilter settings.

max-1x-sessions Maximum 802.1x session initiation per AP at a time.

probe-limit Limit number of probes sent to switch per AP slot per client in a given interval.

rate Enable/Disable switch control path rate limiting.

statistics Enable/Disable switch port statistics.

timers Configures system timers.


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