FWSM intra-switch and inter-switch failover configuration

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I have scenario where the customer wants to FWSM configured for intra-switch and inter-switch failover. Here is an example:

Core Switches - 6509-A and 6509-B

FWSM Modules in 6509-A -> FWSM-A-1 and FWSM-A-2

FWSM Modules in 6509-B -> FWSM-B-1 and FWSM-B-2

I am trying to achieve the following configurations:

1) configure FWSM-A-1 and FWSM-A-2 to be in active/standby mode, respectively, within 6509-A switch (Intra-switch failover)

2) configure FWSM-B-1 and FWSM-B-2 to be in Active/Standby mode, respectively, within 6509-B switch (Intra-switch failover)

3) Configure 6509-A and 6509-B to be Active/Standby mode, respectively, between the switches (Inter-switch failover)

Is it possible to achieve the above configuration? If it's can someone please direct me to a link or any support pages that might be helpful and any help/guide on this is greatly appreciated.

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