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Mar 29th, 2009
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guys just want to know few comand son catos as i have no clue abt it...

if we want to add new vlans to exsisting trunk.....(which already has vlans) what is the command to do that....secondly if i want to change the mac address of port what is the command in catos...thanks guys

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lamav Sun, 03/29/2009 - 15:57
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1.) Just add it to the existing list of vlans on the trunk.

Trunk port in question is 3/2. Its using dyanmic desirable trunk negotiation in this case. It's also using dot1q trunk encapsulation.

The clear trunk command excludes unwanted vlans (pruning).

clear trunk 3/2 2-11,13-57,59-150,153-499,511,519,522-579,581-589,593-594,603-609,611-697,700-769,771-1005,1025-4094

set trunk adds vlans to a trunk

set trunk 3/2 desirable dot1q 1,12,58,151-152,500-510,512-518,520-521,580,590-592,595-602,610,698-699,770,1006-1024

So now add vlan 581...

set trunk 3/2 desirable dot1q 1,12,58,151-152,500-510,512-518,520-521,580-581,590-592,595-602,610,698-699,770,1006-1024

clear trunk 3/2 2-11,13-57,59-150,153-499,511,519,522-579,582-589,593-594,603-609,611-697,700-769,771-1005,1025-4094

2.) Not sure I know what you're asking....elaborate?

Anyway, here's the complete comnfiguration guide. Knock yourself out. :-)


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