Cisco have been quite systematic in adding a ton of support for SNMP to UCCE, CVP and so on over the last few years.

You would need a NM (Network Management) platform like Solar Winds Orion, HP OpenView and so on to do this in a reasonable way.

You can see what services are running through an SNMP query of the process table. This is reasonably well described in the "SNMP Guide for Cisco ICM/IPCC Enterprise & Hosted Editions".

You would need to have the services of someone who understands network management to set up a comprehensive system, but the plumbing is all there on the UCCE side.



happy_248578 Mon, 03/30/2009 - 09:06
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Thanks for respond Geoff.I will check the document............. Tue, 04/14/2009 - 07:19
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I want to provide monitoring solution for our IPCCE.

I read manual

but I didn't find any OID or something like that I can use for my SNMP monitoring application.

All information from Serviceability Best Practices Guide is displayed in the manner like this:

cccaComponentElmtName.0.1.5 = router

cccaComponentElmtRunID.0.1.5 = 4040

cccaComponentElmtStatus.0.1.5 = active(5)

How I can use filed like cccaComponentElmtName.0.1.5 to get right OID?

Also I found file CCCA-Notifications.txt in C:\icm\snmp folder Could this file be useful for me?

I hope you can help me for this question.

Thank you!

not sure if it helps but I find that too much monitoring can harm the platform (I know) what i mean is that if you have Ooodles of screens and reports they will not get the attention they deserve.

So I use WebView for Peripheral Online, and have some SNMP rules on SolarWinds to alert various teams depending on certain alters. I created the alerts in the lab to build my custom rule sets.

This works well for mthe clients needs and my SLAs

P.S. I only have the Central Centroller sending SNMP events to the SolarWinds server.


Dan Tue, 04/14/2009 - 10:21
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I want to use only needed services for monitoring.

Can you provide me useful info for SNMP monitoring? Some OIDs or how you collect needed info by SolarWinds?

The files within icm\snmp maybe old compared to what is loaded into SolarWinds.

My SolarWinds is trapping on the

source IP

Community String

SNMPv2-MIB:snmpTrapOID is equal to CISCO-CONTACT-CENTER-APPS-MIB:cccaIcmEvent

From here I break down even futher by picking our different Peripherals such as:

cccaEventText contains *IVR_01* || *is not operational

I also have some key ones on the database events to alert me the space used gets to high

Hope this helps.



happy_248578 Wed, 04/15/2009 - 23:08
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Hi All,

Thanks for your post.Actually in BIN folder some .exe files was missing due to virus.After re-installation the Services working fine.Thanks


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