CAD Field / Data Information disappear

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Hello Geoff,

no, nothing was changed or added. All of the sudden the data just disappears. I have english speaking and spanish speaking agents and they rely on this data to answer calls. Please take a look at the attachment !!! there is no data under Field or Data.

thank you very much !! I appreciate the response !!


Hello all,

I've been working with TAC on this issue for the past couple days and the response from TAC is that they're suspecting I am hitting a bug (CSCsa95993) in CAD and recommending installing SR5 on CAD 6.0.1. The information on this bug is only available to TAC internally.

Here is my concern and hope someone can help me clarify this. I understand that when apply a patch on the server it will automatically update the clients when the client logs in and my concern is all of my clients have restricted access to their desktop machine and automatic update might not work for them.

I would like to find out if the client and server can be out of sync ? I just want to be 100% sure that the clients can still login to CAD with the patch installed on the server but not on the clients. I have a feeling that I'll have to update the clients manually.

Thanks !!!


david.macias Fri, 04/03/2009 - 16:15

It really depends on the type of patch. Some patches will update CAD, but some will not. Check the release notes. However, if there is an update, more than likely you will have to install CAD manually.


Thanks David !!

This is my first patch install on CAD since we implemented it about 4 years ago. I'll be installing 6.0.1 SR5 and according to the SR notes the patch will have to be installed on both the CAD server and the clients. And what I am trying to find out is, Can the CAD clients login to CAD and take calls with the patch installed on the CAD server only and not on the client side ? or Do both the clients and server have to be at the same patch level ?

I also have a back CAD server. Do I install the patch on the backup server first then install the primary ?

Thank you very much !!!


david.macias Sat, 04/04/2009 - 04:14

This is how I would do it. Install it on the backup, connect a few clients to the backup, upgrade them and ensure that basic functionality is there. Once that's good, upgrade the primary. No, clients will not be able to connect if they are running older versions.


david.macias Tue, 04/07/2009 - 13:08


You might want to be more specific, what is the attachment? Is this what the agent is supposed to see? Also, can you post the CAD log from the agent?


david.macias Tue, 04/07/2009 - 13:52

I find it hard to believe that he did have data at one point. The log shows numerous errors when trying to reach the RASCAL server. Is this the only agent with issues? If so, check the network settings on this machine. firewall? etc.

On his CAD can you double click on the bottom where it says "In Service" and see if you see anything there.


Thanks David !! I very much appreciate your help !!!

There is one thing that I discovered, I ran a bunch of test calls in the evening and found enterprise data shows up every time on every call, but I only have a couple agents online and the call volume is much less in the evening compare to the morning shift. With that being said, could the issue be related to the number of agents logged in and the call volume in the morning ? Any ideas why it would work fine in the evening and work intermittently in morning ?

At this point TAC is recommending installing SR5 and I am running CAD 6.0.1 with no SR.



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