Number of calls answered within SL threshold per agent

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Not very easy at all. The information will be available through a number of ICM tables (TCD, RDT), and you may need a couple of queries to chase the call through; certainly not in a WebView report.

The call type knows the ASA, but not where it goes.

It's a very strange stat to ask for, if you think about it.



any justification shows this is not useful,

also am a little bit confused on the abandoned short calls, I have the SL Threshold set to 60 sec and the Abandon Call Wait Time is set to 60 sec can anyone explain to me what is the impact of this config on the service level calculation, as I am applying SL Positive formula,and if the ring time is added to the SL threshold for the answered calls

I am using IPCCE 7.1 with CVP 3.1


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