CVP Standalone w Reporting. VB Admin Out of Service

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CVP 4.1

Standalone with Reporting model:

1 3845 GW

1 MCS 7845 Call+VxML Server

1 MCS 7845 Reporting Server

1 MCS 7835 OPerations Console

1 MCS 7835 Studio

I have registered online the PAK codes for the

- Server-Sw and applied the lic on the Call Server

- CVP 4.x 20 VxML Ports in the VxML Server

- Reporting Prem lic on the Reporting server

using the Operations Console

Also has added the GW and transfered the CVPSelfService.tcl, CVPSelfServiceBootStrap.vxml and CriticalError.wav to the same using the Operations Console.

The Call Server, VxML Server and Reporting Server are UP on the Operations Console.

Have restarted the CallServer+Vxml Server combo, but the Voice Browser is showing Out of Service and is trying to contact the GK.

But this is standalone, there is no GK, why is VB trying to look for a GK?

I have not entered any single command on the VB Admin, as the config-guide did not tell me to do so.

First Question:

1. While Installing CVP Call Server was I supposed to select the H.323 services as Autostart CVP VB at Startup, No Sytem Reboot on Error & Display CVP VB process window on Startup, OR NOT?

Because I did, but while I added Call Server to the Operation Console - I did not enable any service at all.

2. If the answer to the above question is that Yes, I was supposed to select H.323 Services/Start VB Window etc options during installation. Then What am I missing, why the VB is out of service and Why it is looking for a GK?

Kindly assist.

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Got It! Thanks

I unistalled Call Server and re-installed with no H.323 service option selected.

In Ops Console all is UP.

So Ops Console showing UP is the only way to check that Call Server is ready to take calls, there is no other way?

Because in Comprehensive, even if Call Server/VB Admin have some issues, Ops Console still shows UP.

Even here in Standalone when I had the H323 VB Services installed and VB was down, Ops Console was still showing UP.

So, in Standalone there is no fool proof method to check the status of the Call Server and VxML Services?

david.macias Fri, 04/03/2009 - 11:49
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You could always look at the services. CVP CallServer and VXML Server are services which show up and should be running. Also, both services have a log files inside their respective installation folders.



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